Is Building Backlinks with Spun Content Recommended?


Joe Troyer: So, hey Joe, I just watched your video on backlinks and they’re talking specifically Johnathan’s talking about how I use mommy blogs and guest posts, sponsored posts to build back links for all types of businesses, from local businesses, the ECON businesses. So we saw that video and that video guys is on, is on the YouTube channel. He says, great, but if I get multiple mommy blogs to post my content, can it be identical content or do I have to spin it? What’s spinning service do you recommend? Thanks Joe. So I wouldn’t put the same piece of content on there. Here’s the thing, like every mommy blog that I do business with, I’m building a relationship with and for me all the time, effort and money is finding a mommy blog prospecting to them, getting them to say yes to my pitch, coming up with a price, right?

Joe Troyer: And all that stuff is very front loaded. Once I find that person, I want to keep leveraging that relationship over and over and over and over again for each and every website and opportunity and thing that I want to promote. Right? So I’m not gonna let some crappy, shitty piece of fucking contact ruin the relationship and all the steps, all the 35 steps that I use to build up to get that prospect. Right. So a great question, but I would never give them spun content because they can come back and be like, Hey, I see you put an identical piece of content. Right? Or this content is really shitty. Right? Um, I don’t want to work with you anymore. I would never want that situation to happen. So when it comes to pitching guest posts and pitching mommy bloggers and sponsored posts, I never spend the content never like, could you take this same idea for a post and rewrite it?

Joe Troyer: Yes. But I would never spin it. And I don’t recommend any spinning services for guest posts and sponsored posts, because understand all the work that you’ve done leading up to just get that opportunity to get the person to say yes and understand what you’re losing. If they say no or if they don’t like you anymore. So for example, it can cause me, you know, 15 bucks to find the perfect mommy blog that said yes, and had a good site, and it could cost me, you know, a month of time to do that. And putting up a piece of content on their site and seeing how they work. It could take a long time to get through all of those steps and then I want to like, you know, bargain that relationship with a piece of crappy content. Like, personally, I would just never do that. So, Hey, Jonathan, I hope that makes sense. I always use unique content. And you know, for us, the vendors that we work with and building that list of vendors that will work with us and that are good vendors is the most important thing that we can do. So I hope that makes sense. And, and guys, I appreciate you jumping on another weekly AMA with me.

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