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In this blog article, we’ll be taking a look at the online courses from wildly successful YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, aka ‘Meet Kevin.’ Kevin is known for making fun and educational videos on real estate investing. His Youtube channel has over 1.8 million subscribers. Meet Kevin courses cover a wide range of topics, each of which is related to making money online. In addition to real estate, course topics cover stock trading and how to make money on Youtube. Read on to learn if these courses are legit.

Who is Kevin Paffrath


Kevin Paffrath is a wildly successful landlord, investment advisor, and real estate investor\. His net worth as of writing is estimated to be in the range of $60 million. In September 2010, Saffrath debuted Meet Kevin on YouTube. By December 2020, the channel had one million subscribers, and by September 2021, it had over 1.7 million.


Through his well-liked YouTube videos and training programs, where he shares actionable advice on how to replicate his success, Kevin has single-handedly revived the real estate market in his neighborhood and he has motivated many other people to do the same in their cities.


Meet Kevin Courses

Elite Hustlers University: Build Your Income and Grow Your War Chest

The course is said to be unique from all of Meet Kevin’s programs because it focuses on income generation and entrepreneurship, rather than focusing on investing. Kevin will be teaching you how to increase your income so that you can later on invest. It’s about building a serious income that you can later compound with your investments. No other Meet Kevin course is dedicated to this topic.


Signing up will give you access to weekly live streams and daily custom video replies to members. Kevin will answer questions and share tips on how to increase cash flow, get better at negotiations (pay raises, business deals, partnerships), start a business, and grow a business.

As a bonus, you’ll get a free course called “Path to Wealth” which is priced at $1,036. This includes material like:


  • The personality of a millionaire.
  • Communication tricks, so people say yes to you.
  • How to be comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can push your boundaries of progress
  • Negotiations: Getting raises at work to increase your pay. 
  • My dream calculator is to find out exactly how much you need to earn and invest to reach your goals.
  • How to know your value and communicate that value to get disproportional compensation.
  • Specific investing scenarios I would do right now if I had various ages, incomes, careers, and assets. 


You can get lifetime access to Elite Hustlers University for $399.


Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire and Beyond


This course contains lessons in which Kevin provides actionable real estate investment advice. In these videos, Kevin is extremely thorough and detailed. The course is designed for both novice and experienced real estate investors who want to diversify and increase their net worth.

The entire program contains a total of 21 modules, and includes the following:


  • Welcome
  • Mindset
  • Your Finances
  • Your Circles
  • Shopping For Real Estate
  • Financing
  • Valuation
  • Negotiation
  • Closing Costs
  • Inspections
  • Renovations
  • Hacks And Pitfall
  • Investing Methods
  • Property Types
  • Investing Principles
  • Insurance And Legal Protection
  • Tax Strategies
  • Doing A Deal
  • Tenants And Property Management
  • How To Start
  • Actual Examples


In addition to the course modules, you’ll have access to a private Discord group for fellow students only. Meet Kevin occasionally and periodically hold live streams where he lectures about various real estate topics.


Lifetime access for Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire and Beyond is $630

Build Wealth Making Youtube Videos – From A #1 Trending Creator

This course contains tips and tricks on how to make money on YouTube. Kevin will share the content blueprints, editing hacks, and algorithm strategies that helped him grow his YouTube channel to 1.8 million subscribers. He’ll take you through basic stuff such as creating a YouTube Channel, and of course, how to monetize your channel and make your videos more profitable.


The course contains the following modules:


  • Get Started
  • Preparing For A Video
  • Why Videos Fail
  • Audio And First Edits
  • Subject Matter And Story Telling
  • The 5-Minute Ed
  • The Algorithm
  • Camera Adjustments
  • Gear
  • Insurance, Taxation, And Liability
  • Easy Videos You Can Make Now
  • Uploading, Making Money, And Monetizing
  • Editing Secrets
  • Final Tips


You’ll also have access to a private discord group with fellow students, which is standard for Meet Kevin’s courses. Lifetime access to this course will cost you $433.

Master Stocks & The Psychology of Money

The goal of this course is to show students how to make the best use of their financial resources via the stock market to create passive income. In essence, you should let your money work for you rather than the other way around.


In addition to stock investments, this course covers a variety of topics like raising your credit score, different investment approaches, and others.


One cool feature that you’ll get from signing up is access to Meet Kevin’s buy and sell alerts. You’ll know exactly what Kevin is trading as soon as it happens, whether it’s long hold, short-term, or option play.


Lifetime access to Master Stocks and The Psychology of Money will cost you $525.

The DIY Property Management and Rental Renovation Course

This is another real estate investing course from Meet Kevin but one with an emphasis on property management and maintenance of your real estate properties.

The course will show you how to take your real estate business to the next level by teaching you essentials skills identifying identify desirable tenants, market your properties, and know how to maintain your properties via DIY or hiring professionals


The course contains the following modules:


  • Getting Started
  • Tenant Leverage
  • What’s Inside The Minds Of Tenants
  • What’s Inside The Mind Of A Landlord
  • Ideal Rental Property
  • Rental Renovations And The Uniform
  • DIY Recommended Maintenance And Tips
  • Finding Contractors And Handy People
  • Coordinating And Paying Contractors
  • Valuing Rental Real Estate
  • Advertising Your Rental
  • Photography And Editing Guide
  • Liability – Protecting Your First Property
  • Liability – Protecting Your Portfolio
  • Pre-Screening Tenants And Call Psychology
  • Mock Tenant Calls
  • Mock Showing
  • Fair Housing, Discrimination, And Screening Tactics
  • Pets
  • Text And Email Psychology
  • Beyond Tenant Leverage
  • Tenant Inspections
  • The Contracts
  • Service And Existing Tenants
  • Security Deposit Refunds
  • Going Deeper On Insurance
  • Book Keeping And Taxation
  • File Storage And Organization
  • Evictions, Unique Situations, And Changes
  • HOA/Owners Associations
  • Subleasing And Rental Arbitrage


This has the most number of modules with a total of 31. For a one-time payment of $1,12o, you’ll get a lifetime membership, access to private live streams, and member discord.

Real Estate Sales: From $0 to $500K and Beyond by Becoming a No-Pressure Agent


This real estate course focuses on how to become a successful real estate agent. Meet Kevin will teach you modern real estate. sales techniques, how to be a consummate professional, and the communications skills you need to deal with contractors, lenders, agents, and everyone involved in the success of your business.


The course carries the following modules:


  • Welcome/Announcements
  • Mindset & Brand
  • Brokerage Model
  • Communication
  • Prospecting / Lead Generation
  • Advertising
  • Sellers
  • Buyers
  • Contracts
  • Negotiation
  • Coordination of Services
  • Trust Funds
  • Inspections & Appraisals
  • Valuations
  • BPOs, Short Sales, Probate, & Foreclosures
  • Relationships with Lenders, Title, Insurance, and Attorneys
  • Motivation
  • Employees
  • The Office
  • Incorporation
  • Insurances
  • Equipment
  • File Storage
  • Closing & Reviews


Again, as with all of the courses that we’ve covered in this article, you’ll also have access to private live streams and a members-only discord channel. Lifetime access for this course costs $475.


The Good and The Bad

The courses are good for beginners. They cover all the basics and provide a great starting point for newbs. Kevin is very thorough and brings great energy and enthusiasm to all of his videos. Pricing is very transparent which is a big deal in this info product/online education space.

The Bad? Meet Kevin has a no-refund policy. The reason that they cite this is that you get immediate access to lectures and their private discord channels.


Real estate is an evergreen investment and one of the most reliable sources of long-term financial wealth. It has been a trusted asset since ancient times, and its returns are often higher than those of stocks or bonds over time. Meet Kevin’s real estate courses carry enough actionable items to help you get started and navigate this space.


Investing in a volatile market like stocks is super risky. And just like investing in real estate, it can be very expensive. You need a ton of capital and the courage to spend it to turn any kind of money-making opportunity golden. Meet Kevin’s courses are okay to good, not great. If you’re dead set on buying his courses, you best be sure that you’re ready to spend money to make money.