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With the growing number of digital services available, staying competitive in your marketplace is tougher than ever.

The cost of maintaining your brand, as well as the costs of maintaining and paying for your seller fees, only continue to go up. However, with all that said and done, there’s no denying that selling digital goods has become a viable business opportunity for many entrepreneurs.

With that in mind, we are here to explain the Podia pricing model and how it can help you sell while also increasing profits. Read on to find out more!

What is Podia?


Podia is an outstanding platform to create your online course business. It has a strong presence in the market and has set itself apart from competitors thanks to pricing plans.

Podia pricing plans offer unique flexibility to the users, with its three payment plans and free forever option. I dare to say that this has been the main reason for this online course platform’s success.

Podia site was built thinking on the online business structure and helps you consolidate your work and time to focus on the subjects that are essential to developing a successful online course business.

Podia pricing plans

About 20,000 peole use this platform to sell online courses and memberships. Overall they have a great product, but as I’ve told you before, the biggest part of their success comes from their three-tiered pricing structure.

Podia’s plans have an option for every budget. The great news is that they also have a fourteen-day free trial where you can have full access to all the features to decide whether to buy a monthly or annual subscription.

Free Podia Plan ($0 per month)


The free plan is ideal for online course creators starting in this business model. For that reason, the free plan gives you access to:

  • Create your website using their website builder.
  • Email marketing to promote your content.
  • An online community to bring all your members and discussions together in one place.
  • Draft courses and webinars, and upgrade when you are ready to sell.
  • Chat support.

Note that the free plan has an 8% transaction fee for every sale you make.

Podia’s Mover Plan ($39 per month)


This plan has the main features of all major platforms, an advantage you don’t want to miss for an entry-level plan. When you decide on the annual plan, you save 17% of the original pricing.

When you get the Mover plan, you can:

Create online courses

The course-building tools are one of the most attractive features of Podia. Using the platform, the creators can add visuals, PDFs, audio files, and any other content they consider useful for their online course.

The Podia mover plan enables you to build learning modules and follow-up courses. 

The best part is, you don’t need to deliver your content manually. Because setting up the delivery schedules, you can automate the release of specific pieces of content.

Build Exquisite Storefronts

Your storefront is your showroom! It is where you make first impressions, drive your audience to specific courses and products, set up an attractive design, and include all the information for your consumers.

Include the contact us and about us pages to make the navigation experience more comfortable and make your content more visible and accessible by providing some information about yourself.

Email Marketing

The toolkit that Podia offers has multiple advantages to help you run your email marketing campaigns with ease and excellent results. Sort and store email addresses, send newsletters, automate emails and track and monitor all your data to improve your processes.

Digital Downloads

Create simple but secure checkout forms and download links using Podia, so buyers can feel safe when they buy your digital downloads.

Webinars and Messaging

You can either sell or gift live-hosted webinars for your community, your customers can watch live and also watch replays of the events.

Besides, Podia provides a live chat service to help you answer your clients personally and quickly.

Add Contributors

Adding teammates will cost an extra $20 /per month, you can consider this upgrade as your team grows. The advantage is that you can administer and grant access to each collaborator depending on their specific role.

Unlimited Everything

Cool! Isn’t it? When you use Podia’s mover plan you have no limits on the number of emails, customers, sales, or files hosted on Podia. 

Podia’s Shaker Plan ($89 per month)


The Podia shaker plan has the same features as the mover plan, with more tools and benefits that make the extra money a worthy investment. If you sell online courses and want to move your business to the next level, the shaker plan is for you.

Blog and Memberships

As a content creator, you are aware of the power that blogging has when you look to create an audience and expand your audience.

When you create content regularly and have built a solid community, it can be a good idea to generate income by offering a membership subscription. When you buy Podia’s Shaker plan, you can offer your consumers free or paid monthly and annual subscriptions.

Affiliate Marketing tools

Take advantage of Podia’s affiliate marketing tools and grow your business even more! Podia’s Shaker plan allows you to create a promotion code for each affiliate, so you can determine the amount you have to pay without effort.

Third-party Code

Another feature that makes the shaker plan different from the mover plan is that it allows you to install code snippets from third-party sites.

Get off-site Buy Buttons

Using the shaker plans gives you the chance to add your buy buttons on any website. By doing so, you give your customers a better user experience, because, for instance, they’ll b enable to purchase from your membership site without leaving the page.

The Podia shaker plan features are for a more experienced online course creator, who thinks about selling online courses more efficiently.

Podia Earthquaker Plan


Overall, this is the best option for full-time course creators and instructors.

Podia’s Earthquaker plan (I find the name pretty accurate) lets you create unlimited courses, digital downloads, webinars, membership sites, and more.

When you buy the Earthquaker plan, you get access to a white-labeled site you can enhance and customize to fit your brand and digital identity.

The Podia Earthquaker plan entitles you to monthly group creator calls with the community to share strategies and insights tailored for business at your stage.

Podia’s Earthquaker plan includes:

  • Five additional seats for your team.
  • Zero transaction fees.
  • Unlimited webinars, courses, coaching services, and digital products.
  • Unlimited course certificates to celebrate your student’s success.
  • Up to 50,000 emails per month.
  • A dedicated account manager.
  • Create promotional coupons for marketing
  • Integrated email marketing platform.

That wraps up our Podia pricing overview, but I would like to address some frequently asked questions first.

Who Can Have Zero Transaction Fees?

All paid plans have zero transaction fees. Only the free plan users have to pay 8% per transaction. 

Does Podia Have a Free Trial?

Sure, they have a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all the tools. Podia also has a free version, so you can test everything before buying a paid plan.

Is Podia only for online courses?

Create and sell online courses, downloads, and memberships Using the Podia platform. 

The platform also allows creators to host live webinars and a community where their audience can participate and join discussions related to their courses. 

In brief, Podia pricing plans offer an alternative for every course creator. You can start with the free plan and grow as your business grows.

In case you are thinking about the 8% fee per sale of the free plan, I think it is an honest investment to begin selling digital products.

All things considered the best Podia pricing plan will depend on your business needs and operation level. Have you tried Podia? Let us know your experience.