Why You Should Consider Press Release Indexing

Consider Press Release Indexing

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

People ask me regularly if press releases are worth it in terms of SEO, or Local SEO. My answer is and always was pretty simple – Is Google indexing your press release?

Consider this a follow-up to The Definitive Guide To Getting Backlinks Indexed, but with a deeper dive into press release indexing.

Obviously, backlinks are the core ranking factor in Google, but if Google doesn’t index the link there’s no point in creating it, right?

You’re just wasting time, effort and money.

And honestly, most press releases are crap for retention on the Index Coverage report.

We’ve had great success in the past indexing press releases, and I like to keep my SEO tests running so we can share what’s working and what’s not. Plus, we like to make internal updates to our processes with the information we collect.

Press Release Indexing Case Study

I paid $150 to a press release vendor to get this press release written and submitted. I added extended distribution to my order and used this assignment to test some new service providers.

Indexing Results

Day 2 – 79 Indexed
Day 4 – 73 Indexed
Day 5 – Ran Index Autopilot
Day 7 – 109 Indexed
Day 8 – Ran Index Autopilot
Day 10 – 195 Indexed

**** Sidebar: 79 releases indexed from the get-go is night and day better than most press release vendors we’ve worked with. Definitely a keeper on the Rolodex (or speed dial)!

Actions & Reactions To Our Indexing Data

On day 4 I had a bit of a what the hell moment. How was the indexing already falling? Just four days after our press release was submitted and links were dropping from the index. Seriously?

Day 5 came and we took matters into our own hands and ran Index Autopilot.

Day 7 saw a nice little bump with 36 more indexed links. That’s nearly 50% more than the original number indexed. Not too shabby!

Day 8 we ran Index Autopilot again.

Day 10 shows 195 indexed. BIG WIN!

Press Release Indexing Lessons Learned

If you’re going to all the trouble of paying for a press release to be written up and distributed anyway, you might as well get the most bang for your buck. Get the copy up on your website and pay an indexer to get that URL found on Google.

Test out various press release and indexing vendors, and when you find one or two who gets you decent results, keep them close. And, even the best indexers who can really rock results for you can use a little help from time to time. In that case, consider Index Autopilot when numbers start to slide. And remember:

  • ALWAYS track you’re indexing!
  • After you get the release done submit the links to your favorite indexer
  • Wait up to 2 weeks for the links to get indexed
  • If links aren’t indexed in 2 weeks resubmit again to your favorite indexer
  • Make sure the URL you submit for indexing is correct! if it’s a 404, or has some crazy long query string it’s not gonna index 😉

Now that you’re in the know on how to handle indexing on press releases, here’s EVERYTHING you need to know to about indexing everything else!




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