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Prospect Rocket review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: So next what I want to do is talk to you guys about Prospect Rocket and really, again, the goal of me recording this, is to talk to you guys about the tool. I endorse the tool. It’s a tool that I think is amazing and I’m going to talk to you guys about why and then I’m going to offer up a complimentary bonus for you guys as well. There’s a great cost saving effect to Prospect Rocket and frankly a whole lot more features than probably what most of you guys are using when it comes to cold email. I want to walk you guys through that and kind of how I see it and the big opportunity with Prospect Rocket. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump right in.

Joe Troyer: First and foremost, again, our team has researched used and tested literally dozens and dozens and dozens of cold email software and prospecting software. It’s not like we stopped doing it years ago, right? We did it years ago as we were building our first agency, but as more and more of these platforms have come to market and somebody suggests one and they’re like, “Yeah, I’m getting great results,” we go jump on it and we try it. We’re always on the lookout for a better solution, always, no matter what it is. But, we’re very strict. We’re not going to jump ship without knowing that it is in fact a better service and we’re getting better results and there’s a clear definitive reason for moving.

Joe Troyer: For years and years and years and years, we have used a platform called Quickmail. You guys can check them out by looking at and we’ve always used Quickmail for cold email, and again, the goal, our whole goal with cold email is to build an evergreen outreach sales process, where we can set it up, we can get it working the first week, two weeks. We’re going to have to reply to a ton of emails. We’re going to have to really play with our messaging, but then the goal after that is to really be able to feed this evergreen machine that’s just running.

Joe Troyer: As a business owner, you have a list builder or you have somebody running lists for you and adding lists into this evergreen prospecting system and at the rate that you want, people are being added into your cold prospecting system. So for example, if 10 prospects a day, every Monday, get added to your five-step cold outreach sequence, right? Or 10 people a day, Monday through Friday or whatever schedule you want, depending on the scale you’re at in your business or how much your average customer is worth, there’s a lot of factors in there, but that’s the goal for me when I help people build systems with cold email. That’s the outlook that I always have with people when I’m helping them.

Joe Troyer: If somebody has a different outlook, like they want to blast a thousand emails today and they’ve never done this before, I’m not interested. I won’t help them. I won’t train them, because I believe that business is built on recurring systems and processes. At the end of the day, if we’re not building a recurring system and process it’s going to die tomorrow. What’s the value? Why are we even building this thing? What are we doing wasting our time? The goal for me, when we build a cold email platform and it’s evergreen like this, or a cold email system and it’s evergreen like this, is just to be able to have the ability to only check in on it one to two times a month after the campaign is running and just to test new subject lines and test new email bodies. Then the only other thing that we got to do, is we’ve got to respond to prospects when they reply to us.

Joe Troyer: If instead of automatically booking into our calendar, or buying through a VSL that we have, they respond and they’re like, “Hey, does tomorrow at three o’clock work?” We obviously have to respond to those emails. This isn’t a push button, magic, whizz bang, type of system. I don’t believe in those. So that’s my goal, just so you guys know, to give you a little perspective.

Joe Troyer: What I want to do right now, is I want to jump in. I want to show you guys around the system, show you guys how it works. So here, I’m inside of Prospect Rocket. I’m going to grab a sip of coffee here and you should very, very, quickly see, based upon what you see on the screen, that this is not just … This is obviously not just a cold email platform. You’ve got activity goals. You got opportunities. You got how many deals are going to be closing in the next 30 days. You got year to date, how many deals were won, how many deals were lost. It’s tracking how many phone calls were made today.

Joe Troyer: That’s the difference, for me, between Prospect Rocket and most of the tools out there. When I look at most of these tools, they are either cold email only tools, or like CRM tools and they don’t do cold emails so to speak. This kind of does everything folks. We’ve got everything here from, I would say, CRM and marketing activities and opportunities and deal flow and managing deal flow and and tracking outbound calling and managing a sales team and how many gatekeeper calls were done today, how many decision maker calls, were had, how many presentations were given, how many proposals and you guys can customize this stuff.

Joe Troyer: That’s it from me. There’s much more sophisticated automation in here than I see in most cold email platforms, if not all cold email platforms. There’s better opportunity and deal flow tracking, setting reminders and follow up and calls to be made. That doesn’t happen in most platforms like this.

Joe Troyer: First and foremost, you got kind of like a contacts settings page and this is kind of like a traditional CRM. This just lists all of your contacts and it’s going to list the contacts by company, so company not by individual, at least in this view. Once you get inside of looking at the company, you should then see your contacts at the company. It’s kind of company centric versus contacts centric. Opportunities in here, these are like deal flows. You can track what you have in your pipeline, you can create, I believe, your own pipeline. Again, this is for me, I see this as a huge win, but these aren’t features that I’m using currently.

Joe Troyer: Under Marketing then is where you see kind of the norm, so to speak. You see, 5,000 contacts in a cold email sequence. Inside of here, there’s all types of templates. We got broadcasts in here, which would be like voice broadcasts, for example. Almost like, you know, voice drops and then we have a calling block.

Joe Troyer: Essentially this calling block, because we can take all the contacts or we can filter down to contacts, we can say everybody that’s opened up my email in the last X amount of time, or opened this email, hypothetically, we can create a group of engaged contacts and then we can add them to a call block. Then we can quite literally say, “I want to set a marketing goal of marketing time on a call for 60 minutes,” or “I want to make 60 calls ,”or “I want to make X amount of appointments,” and I can hit go and I can do it or I can track my sales team doing it.

Joe Troyer: Inside of Sequence, you’re going to see some more kind of traditional cold email stuff, but there’s some cool options inside of here too. We got high level contacts added, we got bounce, we got on unsubscribe, kind of normal stuff. We got the calls are actually being pulled in here then, as well. We have a throttle in here as well and this throttle function was actually added from my suggestion, because I do things in an evergreen way. I don’t want to have to manage this system day to day. I want to set up the system. I want to get it working and then I just need this thing to run day in and day out for me.

Joe Troyer: The folks at Prospect Rocket were nice enough to add this for me, so that you can say X amount of people per day, get added into the sequence. And again, we want methodical campaigns, not spray and pray, not like a big bazooka, right? You’ll see that we can run subject line split test. Here’s, you know, an 8% open rate on a really funny email, right? Your mom gave me her email.

Joe Troyer: We’ve got analytics here. Okay, we got the contacts. You can see in here there’s sequence automation, so you can say like, you can grab a pixel and put it on a thank you page of an opt-in and you can say once somebody ops in and lands on that thank you page, remove them from this sequence or once somebody buys, remove them from the sequence. We are able to do some really cool stuff. You can also drop retargeting pixels or other type of tracking pixels inside of here, which is really great.

Joe Troyer: Let’s see, what else can I show you with the sequence? This is what the sequence looks like. Here’s the number of touches, email one, email two, email three, you know, send, you know, on the third day, on the fifth day, we can add a touch here. Here are all the additional fields as well, so these are all tokens from Lead Kahuna and so we’re able to put in any of these fields. These are Lead Kahuna data fields and these are other data fields inside of Prospect Rocket. If we put in fields inside of Prospect Rocket after talking with a prospect, then we can put that in actually the email contact here. You can get really, really, really creative with this stuff. That’s how the Sequence works.

Joe Troyer: Let’s see, what else do I want to show you guys? Oh, so Prospect Rocket doesn’t only handle cold emails, it also does the CRM stuff, prospect tracking, opportunity tracking, deal flow tracking, call block and making sales calls, voice broadcast, but it also does warm email. It also does warm email and so in here as well, you guys can set up your pipeline and so you can add a pipeline, let’s say Demo Pipeline and you can see, I put in before a paper called Pipeline and then you can put in your own stages.

Joe Troyer: You can see for me, I’ve put in you know stages when I grew my last paper call agency really, really quickly, a seven figure agency, very fast. These were kind of the stages that we tracked and these are the stages that I suggest people normally track. We talked to a person, we got past the gatekeeper, we got, “Not interested,” or, “The consult was set,” “A consult hold,” or “We closed the deal,” right? Those are the main six things that we track. People are going to be in one of these buckets ,or we’re going to put them on a “Do Not Call,” list.

Joe Troyer: So then warm emails stuff you can set up here under Emails Set-Up Integrations. There’s probably some private stuff in there I don’t really want to share. In here, you can put in your integration, so Twilio, AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Google Calendar, GoToWebinar, iContact, Infusionsoft. You can do some automations, push people into stuff right through here and then under Email, I don’t want to show it just for security purposes, but inside of here you can specify cold emails and where you want to send cold emails from, like the services, like Google Apps for example or Gmail, or whatever other services you want to use and then there’s also warm email campaigns that you guys can use and you guys can run through Prospect Rocket. You can have those set up on different services and from different domains as well.

Joe Troyer: So, that’s a real quick, kind of dirty over the shoulder tutorial. If we go to this Training Section, you got to login, so I’m not going to go through that, but you will see that there’s a boatload of training inside the Training Section as well.

Joe Troyer: So without further ado, we’re going to jump back into … My bad. We’re going to jump back into Keynote and I want to give you guys some takeaways here. At the end of the day, I feel like the big advantage with Prospect Rocket, is that you could do a whole lot more than just cold email. We got lead capture too. I didn’t even show you guys that, but you can actually capture leads inside the system. We’ve got warm email campaigns and different providers and that’s why I put provider there, different providers and platforms that we can integrate with than the cold. We can keep them separate and they should be separate. Then we got automations, we got call blocks, we got voice broadcasts, we got opportunity and pipeline tracking and folks at the end of the day, just so much more.

Joe Troyer: When you look at the price point for this, we got $79 per month, and don’t quote me on this, but I believe that gets you five seats into the platform and it gets you five seats into the platform with all of those features. I believe right now, Quickmail for like, not their Starter Plan, but the one up, it’s like $10 more. It’s $79 or $77 or something like that, per month and that’s per user. You can add different emails in there, but that’s not users, that’s not seats. It’s $79 per seat, so if you have five salespeople and you want them inside, that’s $400 bucks a month, right? At $80 bucks times five, $400 bucks. At the end of the day, understand that if you want that CRM capability and all the extra stuff inside of Prospect Rocket, you’re really getting a fricking steal. You’re getting all the cold emails stuff. You’re getting everything, that’s in addition, you’re getting for free and like getting paid to use it.

Joe Troyer: So again, I threw in a bonus here and I call that my “Cold eMail Domination Training.” The reason that I did that was because if you’re going to pick up Prospect Rocket, you got to be doing cold emails and I want to make sure that you make the most out of it. I’m going to teach you guys how to do it, how to do it properly, what you got to do tech wise, the emails that you guys should be using, how you should be structuring your emails and how you’re going to get amazing open rates and response rates as well.

Joe Troyer: So go ahead. I highly recommend if you’re in the market for a cold email platform or CRM or deal flow tracking platform, that you invest inside of Prospect Rocket.




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