Press Release vs Social Signals


Joe Troyer: Mark asks: “How do you rate press release services for citations compared to social signals?”

Joe Troyer: To be frank, Mark, I wouldn’t compare. At the end of the day, both social signals, and Web 2.0 links, and press releases, I wouldn’t compare those two. Both are good for getting root domains linking to you, AKA: Unique domains linking to you. What I do first is social and Web 2.0, but I also do press releases for literally every single campaign I’m doing SEO on. Okay, so I wouldn’t compare them.

Joe Troyer: Both of them by themselves with no other strategies and just a method all by itself, are both incomplete strategies that are going to get you nowhere. Right? It’s the accumulation, right, of the strategies. All of them working together in terms of SEO that get you the end result.

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