The Basics of Doing a PPC Call Only Campaign


Joe Troyer: I’m just wondering about when doing a foot in the door benchmark PPC call only campaign, do you use your own Google AdWords account? And what would that be? A new account? And do you have to create a new website so that you can add the tracking phone number? So, great question, Scott. So Scott, yes, I always use my own AdWords account. I’m always going to put up some type of very simple domain landing page so that I can get a quality score. And then I’m going to basically try to figure out one or two services only to really drive traffic to. And the reason for that, Scott, is I want to create landing pages that aren’t so really conversion focused but are more quality score focused for Google. And Google’s quality score is huge. That factors into your cost per call or your cost per click, big time, right?

Joe Troyer: So if my quality score is a seven and yours is a three and a half, well, let’s say, for example, you could be paying or I could be paying half as much or even less per click and per call per conversion than you, even if I’m only running call only campaigns. So for me it’s very important that I’m kick-starting these campaigns and I’m getting results quickly. So I’m going to put it on my Google AdWords account. I’m going to build out a website, but not really like a traditional website, only a couple of pages. And again, it’s just so that there’s optimized landing pages specifically that’s going to get me a good quality score inside of Google. So, yes, there are landing pages. Yes, it’s a website, but understand that my focus is just getting a good quality score, not conversions, all right? So notice kind of psychologically, there’s a shift there, so to speak. I’m leaving a lot of conversions on the table. I don’t really care. These aren’t pages that visitors are going to go to. These are just pages that that Google is going to read and like kind of sift through and go through and then, say, if my campaigns and my ads are relevant to that page, that’s all that I’m looking for so that I can get a good quality score from the very get go. So hopefully that helps, buddy.

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