TC 023: Tim Francis – Outsourcing, The 80/20 Rule and Virtual Assistant Mastery

Today Tim Francis joins us all about outsourcing, systems, virtual assistants and the 80/20 rule.

He tells us about how he initially blew $10,000 trying to ‘live the 4 hour work week’ and what went horribly wrong with his first virtual assistant.

Now things go so well his head virtual assistant helps him handle hiring.

I was also amazed when he told me his process for having VAs handle tasks they’ve NEVER done before AND write a brand new procedure for it.

We also discuss what to do when you have no skills, his view on the 80/20 rule, what tasks are typically high value for him and the world’s best place to hire VAs.

We’ve Provided the Transcription Directly Below

CATEGORY: PR & Authority