Ultimate Guide to Building an SEO Agency: Proof


Joe Troyer: So, next up is proof. I hear a lot of people bitch, and moan, and complain about proof. Right? They come into this agency, and they get stuck. They map out everything that I’ve taken you guys through. They get to the point where they’re ready to start actually selling prospects, and the first time they get pushback, “Show me who you’ve done this before with. Show me results that you’ve obtained in the past,” they immediately shut down ,or they don’t even start prospecting and they shut down. This could be you. We’re going to get over that here today, and I’m going to show you guys how to get proof in the next seven days for your agency. How many of you guys, if I can help you get proof, and results, and testimonials in the next seven days for your agency, you think that that will catapult you right now, that one fricking thing? Is that good stuff? Yeah. 100%?

Joe Troyer: First, let’s start and let’s get really clear on what kind of proof we want. I’m asking you guys. What kind of proof do you want? What’s the Holy Grail? What would be amazing? What kind of proof you want? Chris [Vies 00:01:19], dude, it’s good to see you on here, man. Been a long time. Hope all is well. Rankings, calls, increase in business rankings from similar businesses. Yeah. Again, stay in niche specific, but let’s say that we’re doing this whole local thing. We’re doing our monthly, local SEO service. Right? So what people want to see is relatable results. Really, when we think about results, would you guys agree that all that matters is that you can prove that people are getting phone calls from marketing? “Hey, this guy’s ranking in Google maps, and I helped him. This guy is getting 100 calls a month from Google maps.” Would that sell a prospect for you?

Joe Troyer: I want you guys to get really, really clear with me right now. No. I’m not joking. I know we’re at 4:30. I’ll stick in here and keep pushing with you guys, if you guys do. What proof do we need to sell a prospect? What would sell a customer for you in the niche that you picked out? How many phone calls in what timeframe? If we take phone calls as the metric. tell me. I’m going help you guys get that in the next seven to 10 days. No. Not so important. I know there’s a little lag, a little delay. Come on, guys. My mouse went dead. Five? How many? A handful a day. Give me a nine if you guys would agree that a handful of calls a day would prove that we’re … from let’s say Google Maps would be all the proof that you would need. Give me a five in the chat if that’s the case or a nine in the chat. I’m sorry. I forgot the number I was asking for. Yes. it does happen running these webinars. All right. Fantastic. Good. So, five phone calls a day.

Joe Troyer: How many of you guys have heard of the 80-20 principle? I better get something from each and every one of you guys in here. That 20% of your actions account for 80% of the results. That applies to like everything. I am fricking convinced. But it’s actually much deeper than that. If you haven’t heard this, go look it up. If you have heard this before, I’m going to add another layer. If you actually apply that principle to itself, it comes out to 64-4. 64% of your results come from 4% of your efforts. Dude, 80-20 ,when I first heard it, was like mind blown. 64-4 though, when you apply 80-20 to itself, that’s fricking nuts. I can get 64% of the results for 4% of the work. That’s working smart. Right? So, let’s think about 64-4.

Joe Troyer: How do we get five phone calls a day as proof coming from Google Maps as fast as humanly possible, right now? Assuming you are at where you are at now, how do you get let’s say three case studies that show five phone calls per day from Google Maps? You guys just told me that that’s all that matters, and that would basically sell your deals for you. So, what’s the 64-4? How do we do this? Let’s put away all the junk. Let’s put away all the bullshit. Let’s put away all the shiny objects. How do we do this as fast as possible in the next seven to 10 days? How do we do this? How do we show it?

Joe Troyer: Jamie’s getting it. I’m going to wait a second, so that the rest of you guys can get this. This is going to help so many of you guys fricking explode, if you just take this and run with it. Think about what matters. It’s that 4%. 64-4. All right, guys. What I would do … Yes. Fo’ free. Right? Offer a foot in the door, 30 days. You’ll track GMB phone calls. You’ll set up call tracking and run it for them for 30 days. Our approach is going to be we’re going to go after the targeting and the ideal prospects that we want in the niche that we want that are spending money on advertising, and finally, folks that are ranking in maps. Does that make sense?

Joe Troyer: Guys, we are all over complicating the crap out of everything, and it’s because we’re looking at our agency like this every day. It’s like, “Oh, Joe sent me an email ,and I’m going to come on a webinar. Oh, hey. How’s it going, Mr. Troyer?” It’s all too close. We got to step out and think about what matters. This is why, folks, at the end of the day, this is why at the end of the day, this is why masterminds and coaching is so important, having somebody on the outside looking at your business, giving you guidance. It’s made all the difference in my business in the world, and this is why I’ve committed to doing all of these AMAs and all the free content that I give out. Joe More Value Troyer is to help you guys make that next step and to help you guys figure out what’s holding you guys back.

Joe Troyer: Frankie says, “But don’t they know they’re already getting calls from GMB?” I talk to so many people, they have no idea. If they do think that they’re getting it, they have no idea how many calls they’re getting from GMB. I would imagine, Frankie, in most of the markets that you speak with, 90% of your ideal prospects aren’t tracking calls from GMB. Is that a big enough pool, yes or no, to go sell to? Is that the proof that you need? Yeah. Even if they’re already ranking. Yup. Alan [Pepperdine 00:00:09:25], I have a tutorial on the channel and on the Digital Triggers Blog that shows you guys exactly how to implement call tracking into Google My Business. In fact, if you look up on Google, probably just search for Google My Business call tracking or setting up call tracking with Google My Business, you’ll see me rank and walk you guys step by step through the process. For you guys to be an expert, folks, that’s all you really need. If it’s niche specific, it’s even easier. You need less testimonials. You need less results, and they go further with the prospect that you have.

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