VideoPeel Review 2023: The Ultimate Tool for Capturing and Promoting Testimonials

videopeel review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You may gather and manage customer videos on the VideoPeel platform for several purposes. It can help you with video testimonials, video surveys, video interviews, or video-based customer support. Requesting, sharing, and integrating customer films with your preferred applications is simple. Over 4,000 businesses rely on VideoPeel to produce client videos at scale. We write a review in which you will discover everything you want to know about this tool.

What is VideoPeel?

VideoPeel is a powerful tool that allows businesses to collect, manage, and promote video testimonials. It simplifies the process of gathering customer video feedback and makes it easy to incorporate these testimonials into marketing campaigns and landing pages.

Why Are Video Testimonials Important?

Video testimonials are powerful marketing tools as they provide social proof and validate the credibility of a product or service. They create a stronger connection with potential customers and enhance trust. Video testimonials are also more engaging and memorable compared to written testimonials.

How does VideoPeel work?

Customers, influencers, or beta testers can effortlessly submit their curated films by just clicking on the VideoPeel hyperlink given to them, without choosing installation or logging in. The program simplifies the entire video-gathering process, eliminating extra inconveniences.

What Are the Benefits of Using VideoPeel?

Utilizing VideoPeel to get client reviews has many benefits. The fact that it is much quicker than conventional methods is one of the advantages. Its low cost is an additional advantage. Additionally, you don’t need to engage a specialist to operate it for you because it is simple to use.

Increase Conversions and Customer Involvement

Every website landing page, social media outlet, and advertising endeavor should include video testimonials and product reviews.

  • UGC Requests include images and videos
  • Central library for content that is simple to administer
  • Anywhere can publish videos

Real Service Experiences from Clients

Every homepage, social media structure, or advertising initiative can publish video testimonials and critiques of services after they have been recorded, uploaded, and published.

  • UGC Requests include images and videos
  • Central library for content that is simple to administer
  • Anywhere can publish videos

Gather Real Experiences and Stories in Seconds

The accounts from your colleagues and admirers can be swiftly gathered.

  • UGC Requests include images and videos
  • Central library for content that is simple to administer
  • Place videos online

What Are the Most Important VideoPeel Features?

Some of the most relevant VideoPeel features include:

1. Video testimonials and reviews: VideoPeel allows users to capture video testimonials and reviews from customers or users. This feature helps businesses showcase real people’s experiences and opinions about their products or services.

2. One-click recording: VideoPeel provides simple one-click recording functionality, making it easy for users to capture videos without any technical difficulties or complex setups.

3. Upload and edit videos: Users can upload previously recorded videos and make edits to enhance the quality or trim unnecessary parts. This feature allows businesses to present the most relevant and compelling content.

4. Video management and organization: VideoPeel provides tools for managing, organizing, and categorizing videos. Users can easily search and access videos based on specific criteria, such as dates, tags, or keywords.

5. Video hosting and embedding: The platform offers video hosting services, allowing users to store and access their videos securely. It also provides embed codes to integrate videos into websites or other platforms.

6. Closed captioning and subtitles: VideoPeel supports closed captioning and subtitles, making videos accessible to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments or those who prefer to read instead of listen.

7. Analytics and insights: VideoPeel provides data and analytics on video performance, including views, engagement, and conversions. Users can gain valuable insights into how videos are performing and make informed decisions to optimize their video marketing strategies.

8. Collaboration and sharing: Users can easily collaborate with team members or clients by sharing video projects, allowing for feedback and input. This feature streamlines the video production process and ensures a smooth workflow.

Overall, these features help businesses capture, manage, and leverage videos effectively to enhance their marketing efforts, build trust with customers, and drive conversions.

The Best Video Testimonial Software Alternatives

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Below, you will find a list of the best video testimonial software, which is similar to VideoPeel:

Testimonial. to is a SaaS software that creates a procedure for gathering, organizing, and publishing reviews that is error-free.


Love wall: Displaying all of the positive feedback in one continuous stream will have a tremendous visual impact on potential clients.

Adaptable forms: Make the review registration form unique to your brand and ask for particular details from your customers.

Controls for moderation: Each submission is reviewed and approved before it is published, ensuring that only authentic and high-quality testimonials are shown.

Mobile optimization: Customers may post evaluations on any device thanks to the comprehensive responsiveness of the testimonial pages and forms.

Options for integration: Connect Testimonial to your preferred tools, such as Zapier, to automate procedures and streamline productivity.

Analytics: Learn more about visitor numbers and conversion rates on your testimonial page’s performance.


It provides a simple and efficient method for gathering and displaying video testimonials.


Made with guidance: With suggestions that lead them across the process and make sharing their knowledge and ideas simple, assist your customers in producing compelling testimonials.

Individual branding: Make the feedback collection page appear and feel unique to reflect your brand.

Embedded widgets: With customizable widgets that present your customers’ success stories in an appealing and organized way, you can add testimonials to your online presence, blog, or landing pages.

Social networking: Customers should be encouraged to post their recommendations on social media sites to expand their audience.

Privacy safeguards: Choose whether to publish or keep your testimonials secret.

Analytics: For your efforts to collect testimonials, and track views, involvement, and conversion analytics.


Videoask elevates video testimonials by giving your customers an interactive and interesting experience. It enables direct video questioning, which makes the process more intimate and promotes precise client responses.


Format for interactive video: Ask direct questions to your audience via video to engage them and make the testimony process more appealing and individualized.

Videos with editable templates: Choose a template that goes with your brand’s aesthetic to give your testimonial films a unified appearance.

Follow-up inquiries: Based on the customer’s comments, pose extra inquiries to find out more concerning their experience.

Tools for video editing: To emphasize the most important parts of your customers’ testimonials, edit and trim them.

Embedded widgets: Utilizing widgets that you can customize and post-consumer testimonial videos on your web page or landing site

Analytics: Monitor the number of views, interactions, and conversions on your testimonial videos to improve your approach.


Boast is an intuitive platform that blends testimonies that are audio, video, and text-based. It is a great solution for organizations that wish to maximize the value of page visitors due to its extensive functionality and customization possibilities.


Testimonials in various media: Gather client testimonials that are written, audio, and/or video. Let them express their thoughts in the way that works best for them.

Adaptable forms: Create forms for testimonial submission that are specific to your needs.

Approving a request: Before they are posted on your website, testimonials are reviewed and approved to guarantee their validity.

Options for testimonial display: For visually beautiful and well-organized client testimonials, select from a variety of display styles, such as sliders, grids, and lists.

What Does Videopeel Cost?

Custom Plan: Free

  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Customer success manager
  • Custom msa
  • SLA and 99% uptime

Pro Plan: $69 monthly

  • 1 user
  • Remote video capturing
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Automated onboarding
  • Chat support
  • Video landing Page
  • Video transcoding
  • Video carousel player
  • Default notification

Premium Plan: $399 monthly

  • Everything in Pro, plus
  • Automated transcriptions
  • Custom rights management
  • Video insights
  • Business reviews
  • Custom URLs
  • Branded campaigns
  • Custom thank you pages
  • Video landing Page

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How Does VideoPeel Help in Capturing Testimonials?

VideoPeel helps businesses collect video testimonials from customers. It provides customizable templates and landing pages where customers can easily record and submit their video messages. With VideoPeel, businesses can effectively gather authentic and valuable customer testimonials.

Can VideoPeel Be Used for Video Reviews?

Yes, VideoPeel can be used to collect video reviews. It allows customers to record their video reviews and easily submit them through the platform. These video reviews can then be leveraged in marketing campaigns to boost brand credibility and increase conversions.

How Can Businesses Customize Their VideoPeel Campaigns?

VideoPeel provides customizable templates and landing pages that can be tailored to match a business’s branding. Businesses can easily customize the look and feel of their video campaign pages, ensuring consistency with their website or brand image.

Does VideoPeel Offer Privacy Protection for Customer Videos?

Yes, VideoPeel has a built-in privacy policy that ensures the privacy and security of customer videos. The platform provides controls to manage the visibility and access to collected video testimonials, giving businesses full control over what is shared publicly and what remains private.

How Can VideoPeel Help Improve E-Commerce Conversions?

Video testimonials play a vital role in improving e-commerce conversions. By incorporating customer video testimonials on product pages or in marketing campaigns, businesses can increase trust and confidence in their offerings, leading to higher conversion rates.

Does VideoPeel Provide Market Research Insights?

Yes, VideoPeel provides market research insights through its dashboard. It offers analytics and data on customer video testimonials, helping businesses gain valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and overall sentiments.


With the help of the effective tool VideoPeel, you can get a sincere video testimonial from your clients. It is simple to use, expandable, and adaptable. By showcasing actual customers’ experiences with your product or service, you can use VideoPeel to boost conversions, engagement, and trust. It is one of the best options for user-generated content.



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