What Hosting Provider Do I Highly Recommend?


Joe Troyer: Saif. I’m not sure how to pronounce your name, brother. Hopefully, I didn’t butcher it too bad. Asks, “What hosting do you recommend? What hosting provider do you recommend?” This has changed as of this year, really, officially. I am recommending WP Engine. I just moved the hosting at Digital Triggers. Did a big site overhaul. Still kind of working on a bunch of the stuff behind the scenes, so to speak, but moved to WP Engine.

Joe Troyer: Why? First and foremost, they have fricking amazing, amazing support. In this day and age, support is very important, and most companies that I’ve worked with, some of the companies that I’ve recommended in the past for having amazing support, don’t really have such amazing support anymore. Right? A lot of the solutions are getting a little tired. The companies aren’t investing back in the infrastructure, so to speak. It seems like they’re just trying to pull all the profit out of the business. WP Engine is what I recommend.

Joe Troyer: I also love that they give out free SSLs, and they don’t try to upsell a CDN or a Content Delivery Network. It’s just built right into their lowest package plan. They also offer … All their plans are risk-free for 60 days. You get on them, you use it for 60 days, and you don’t like them, and it literally costs nothing. You can get a refund.

Joe Troyer: The other thing that I think is super-important for every host in these days is that they help you with migration. There’s some type of system or support team to help you with migration of you moving from one host to another, and WP Engine, I think, does really, really good with that with their “hassle-free” auto migration service that they provide.

Joe Troyer: If you guys want to jump into WP Engine, I would suggest it. To be frank, even digitaltriggers.io, our site is on their lowest plan. I mean, we have a bunch of sites, but Digital Triggers is really on the lowest plan. We’re not eating more bandwidth than that. We’re not eating more space than that. It is a premium host. It’s not cheap. It’s not as cheap as HostGator or Bluehost or any of those trashy networks, and yes, I’m saying trashy. I think this day and age, they’re not good, and they’re not near as good as that they used to be. I think that they’re out of date. I think it’s time that you move on if you are using one of them.

Joe Troyer: I do have an affiliate link if you guys want to move to WP Engine, or if you want to get started using WP Engine. Digitaltriggers.io/wpengine. Super-simple, right? Again, that is my affiliate link. Here’s the thing. You use that. You use that, folks, I make $200 a sale, $200 a sale. They have some of the biggest payouts in the industry. They have amazing support. They have an amazing product, and I am super, super-happy with it, okay?

Joe Troyer: Next, each and every one of you guys as a marketer, whether you run an agency or whether you don’t, whether you just do marketing for yourself, people are always asking you guy for tech help, support and recommendations, right? Give me a one in the chat if that’s you. Where should I buy a domain, or where should I go host this, or what do you think about this, or what do you think about that? Guys, you should be getting paid for that knowledge. Go become an affiliate. Make 200 bucks a sale, and be confident in an amazing solution like WP Engine. If you want to become an affiliate, just go to digitaltriggers.io/promote-wpengine. Go get paid and be deliberate. It’s an amazing service. I have no problem touting it to all of you guys and having you guys go tout it to each and every one of your prospects, customers, friends. And, guys, that doesn’t really happen often.

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