Where To Get A Virtual Address For Lead Gen Sites


Joe Troyer: John Bell asks, “Where to get a virtual address for leadgen sites? Has Google caught up with smaller mailbox companies?” I think Google’s caught up with kind of everything. Can you get away with it? Yeah. But again, it’s just kind of a matter of time until you do get caught, right? You’re kind of just crossing your fingers.

Joe Troyer: Can you do it? 100%. It’s all your judgment call. Have I done it? Yeah, I’ve used a virtual address and an address that definitely doesn’t comply with Google’s Terms of Service before, right? Have I gotten smacked before? 100%. So again, it just is up to your tolerance, so to speak. Just make sure that you’re educated on what your costs are going to be and what the implications are going to be either way, so that you can make an educated decision instead of just following somebody’s advice blindly. All right, so 100%, right. You could do things very legitimate for a leadgen business, right?

Joe Troyer: You could go set up an LLC for that business in Florida, it costs 150 bucks. You can go, sublet or sublease right, an apartment or not an apartment. A office space right, from somebody and it’s all legitimate right, with just a little bit more work. So which would you rather do right, like put in a little bit more work, get creative, figure some shit out or kind of be on the chopping block or have the danger of that chopping block. So just something to think about. An opinion of mine that has changed a lot over the years especially as Google continues to cramp down on things all of the time.

Joe Troyer: Where can you get virtual addresses or where can you get … I’m just going to extend this, an address for any leadgen site or other site, right? Whether it’s leadgen or it’s your own business whatever. Guys, you can get them everywhere, right? Where do you sign a lease right? Where can you find out about sublet or subleases? Where can you find out about virtual addresses, right? The newspaper, Craigslist, friends, family, right? Are just some of the places and you can get wildly fricking creative right. Like ridiculously creative on how to get an address. It just really all depends how bad you want it or need it.

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