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When Looking at some of my sites top backlinks, I’ve noticed many are from blog comments lol. I’ve been testing building backlinks and root domains (unique sites linking to me) using blog comments and I’m actually getting grat results!

Bring back the good old days when you’d just spam the hell out of blog comments and rank in Google for keywords like Watches!

Well not really.

These days we are going about blog commenting completely different!

Don’t get me wrong there are still people I see getting backlinks from blog comments with promotional anchor text right inside their blog comments. (faceplant) And I see them ranking. (doh – homer simpson voice).  If that’s not blatant spam I’m not quite sure what is…

How we did this by accident: We left quality blog comments on industry related sites. Simple.

The great thing is this is super simple for you to replicate!

Action Plan:

  1. Build a list of sites to comment on, here are some ideas:
    – Sites you would like to read, or enjoy reading
    – Sites in related industries
    – Blog comments your competitors have built, etc.
  2. Trim URLs to just the domain
  3. Go read their latest blog comment, write something awesome… NOT SPAM. A comment that actually shows that you read the blog post!

Another Takeaway: When you do this, you are creating a conversation with influencers, ie: blog owners in the niche… Guess what, when you reach out to them about a guest post or content collaboration you no longer are a stranger!

Yes this works for whatever kind of niche you want to market…

Outsourcing It:

After you have mastered it… Outsource it. I pay $2 per comment – and they are AMAZING comments. Frankly better than I would ever leave!


I have done this on a relatively brand new domain, only been working on it for 2.5 months and added 40 root domains (showing up in ahrefs) linking to the site so far from 100 live blog comments.

BEST of all the rankings, for the MAIN tier 1 keywords have improved nicely over the last 4-5 weeks since implementing. In fact, we’re already sitting in average position 27.44 and those are the biggest keywords in the niche in just 90 days.

The top competitors in the space doing mid 7 figures per year, to 8 figures a year in this niche have roughly 300 root domains.

The newer competitors or less SEO’d competitors have around 100 root domains.

We already have roughly 70 root domains showing up in ahrefs over the last 2.5 months.

Obviously, not all links we built end up showing in ahrefs as a backlink. This SEO stuff isn’t 100% EXACT. Just know that.

This is a SUPER, SUPER simple strategy you can implement RIGHT NOW 😉

Blog comments are NOT the only strategy we are using… We’re not going to be able to compete that way, PLUS we like a nice diverse/natural looking backlink profile.