The Adam Horwitz ClickBank – Is the ClickBank University Worth it?

ClickBank University

Are you considering signing up for Adam Horwitz ClickBank University? It is understandable why you would be hesitant to invest in the program. After all, joining the program is a big commitment that is not cheap. But is it worth it?

ClickBank University has plenty to offer, and in this article, we will embark on a ClickBank University review and explore the pros and cons to help you decide if it is the right product for your objectives.

From the ClickBank University comprehensive affiliate marketing courses and helpful step-by-step tutorials to the vast network of industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, you will discover the secrets to success in the online world.

We will also address some common concerns about ClickBank University to help you decide if the ClickBank University program is the right choice to learn all about making money online.

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ClickBank by Adam Horwitz


ClickBank is an online retail platform founded in 1998 that specializes in digital products. It is one of the leading e-commerce sites for digital products like e-books, software, and membership sites.

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What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

What Is ClickBank?

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Customers can purchase products directly from the retailer and receive them on their doorsteps. ClickBank also provides merchants with tools to help them create and manage their online stores.

Online businesses can use ClickBank to create and promote their products, manage orders and payments, and track sales and earnings.

The platform supports multiple payment processors like Paypal, credit cards, or cash on delivery.

It is one of the most popular platforms among digital marketers and entrepreneurs looking to monetize their products and services.


Meet the ClickBank University

ClickBank University is an online course platform offered by ClickBank platform. It provides training in two different directions, depending on your specific needs, a course for digital entrepreneurs and an affiliate marketing course.

The objective of the ClickBank university is to provide online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers with instruction on how to market their digital products to a broader audience and affiliate marketers with the knowledge and skills to earn money online. Joining ClickBank also gives you access to a supportive community with experienced marketers and professionals that can help answer questions and provide guidance.

The upgraded version of the program is ClickBank University 2.0 and contains updated information and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who Created ClickBank University?

Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz are the masterminds behind Clickbank University. Their idea was to provide a comprehensive education for affiliate marketers wanting to learn how to use the Clickbank platform to create successful online businesses.

Justin Atlan

Justin Atlan is a Californian online entrepreneur who has made his fortune by mastering affiliate marketing and selling online using ClickBank.

He gained visibility at age 18 when he began generating money online, and he continued building his affiliate marketing empire mainly through ClickBank.

His experience in this form of marketing made him the perfect person to partner with Adam Horwitz to provide their expert insights on marketing and monetization via internet platforms.

Adam Horwitz

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Adam Horwitz is a social media personality and a successful entrepreneur born in Dayton, Ohio. He is a personality in the digital marketing sphere, where he has generated over $75 million in sales on his course on how to generate money online with your phone using Instagram.

He has gained a large following on social media, and his success has enabled him to become a motivational speaker and mentor to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

What is in it?

As you know, there are two different streams for ClickBank University, a course for online entrepreneurs and training for affiliate marketers.

We will provide an overview for each section of both courses so you can determine if joining ClickBank university is the right move to launch your own online business.

The Eight-Week Affiliate Marketing Training Overview

The Eight-Week Affiliate Training Program by ClickBank is a complete course designed to help marketers learn the basics of affiliate marketing and increase their conversions.

The program divides into eight weeks, each focusing on a specific topic related to affiliate marketing.

Content-wise, the core training includes 2 hours of video, mini pro-courses that offer 13 hours of video, and expert interviews. Week by week, the program is as follows.

Affiliate Marketing on Clickbank

In your first week, Adam Horwitz himself introduces you to the program. He explains the affiliate profit plan and the strategies you can use to become a successful affiliate marketer and tries to help you shift your mindset to succeed in your affiliate and business goals.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Your second week is the moment to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. It is an excellent resource for beginners and aspiring affiliates with zero experience in the field.

For marketers who already have mileage in affiliate marketing, it may be best to skip this part or watch it for the sake of it, who knows, you could learn a couple of new tricks to add to your toolkit.

Finding Your Passion

Adam explains in the 3rd week why promoting products you are passionate about will keep you in the business in the long run. He also talks about the importance of sub-niches when pursuing competitive niches such as Wealth and Health and Fitness.

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Funnel

During the third week of the course, Adam explains the fundamentals of directing all your traffic to landing pages to collect emails and build a long-lasting business for yourself.

This section is where you learn to build a squeeze page for your sales funnel, offering a free bonus to visitors in exchange for their email addresses, so you can begin to build your list.

Always Over Deliver

It is not about selling but about delivering value to your audience and building a tribe around your online marketing business or brand.

In this section, you learn to build and nurture a long-lasting relationship with your valuable email list.

Create the kind of content to make them feel special, and if you are not feeling creative enough, during this week, you can also learn how to outsource to provide the content to nurture and grow your mailing list.

Writing the Perfect Swap

This week the program introduces the strategies you can apply to write your email swipes to increase your chances of getting your audience to open and click on the email links.

He advises avoiding clickbait titles because it is the fastest lane for your emails to the spam box. Treat your audience with care and respect, and they will react accordingly.

The Email Blueprint

It is the moment to learn to send broadcast emails to your list. The tool Adam recommends for this task is Aweber. Nevertheless, you are not bound to use the same tool. Learn all the techniques, and later you can determine the tool to use.

During this section, Adam also teaches you to send automated emails to your subscribers.

Experienced online marketers may find part of this information useless because it covers the basic setup of email automation tools and other email marketing strategies.

Scaling and Expanding

It is the moment to increase the size and scope of your affiliate network. It involves finding new affiliates to join the network and growing the traffic and sales generated by the existing affiliates.

Scaling and expanding are crucial aspects of affiliate marketing because they allow affiliates to reach more potential customers and increase their revenue.

As an affiliate network grows, it can attract more high-quality affiliates who are likely to generate more sales and, in turn, more revenue.

Scaling and expanding also help maintain the quality of the affiliate program, as bigger networks typically have stricter requirements for affiliates to join.

The Twelve-Week Vendor Training

Now it is the turn of Justin Atlan to be your mentor. In this course, he uses his expertise to teach you how to make money online as a ClickBank vendor.

In this part, you learn to create digital products considering your passions and interests.

Some popular product categories are fitness, cooking, online marketing, gardening, writing, and more.

It is the natural evolution in your ClickBank journey because you need to be a good affiliate before becoming a vendor on the platform.

Here is our overview of the vendor program to help you decide if it can be of value to you.

How Does it Work?

In this section, Justin defines the goals of the 12 weeks of training and discusses the advantages you will have if you operate as a vendor in Clickbank. He also addresses some mental and behavioral strategies that can help you on your journey.

Justin also touches on a fantastic product plan where he demonstrates how three factors can guarantee the quality of your product, including your experience, the popularity of the market, and your expertise.

He finishes his goal-setting lesson with a video at the end of the first week.

Discover Your Ideal Product

In the second week, Justin emphasizes finding the proper item in the Clickbank marketplace based on your passions.

The first part of his lecture deals with the three aspects of finding the correct item: finding your passion, studying the market, and analyzing other successful products. He walks us through several categories and subjects in the Clickbank marketplace.

When you have identified your passion, the next step is looking over the market for your niche. The 25-minute video titled “How to Evaluate the Profitability of Your Niche Using the Concept of Providing a Solution to a Problem” teaches you how to assess the profitability of your niche by examining other people’s successful products.

After that, you will analyze other people’s successes and use them to your advantage.

Create Your Avatar

Finding your Avatar is finding your ideal customers, in this example. Justin will guide you on how to locate your Avatar, and determine their preferences and fears as well as their ideal customer demographics such as age, nation, income, and other factors. You’ll also learn how to create a one-minute sales pitch for your customers and how to find the right name and domain name with GoDaddy.

Create Your Product

This is part of the course where you will learn how to create your product, which can either be an e-book, video, or audio format. You will learn how to create an effective outline for your content so that your customers will be satisfied with the information they receive. You will also learn how to deliver your content to your customers in “Content Structure Blueprint.”

Create the Ideal Upsell

You can increase your profits by creating upsells for your product. Providing more value to your customers while making money, is one way to do so. Justin will teach you how to make mini-products to complement your main product so that affiliates will be more attracted to promoting your products. Make sure that your upsells do not annoy or surprise your future customers by pricing them properly. In the final part of the week, you’ll learn how to write copies for upsells and how to price them properly.

Sales Copy and Conversion Maximization

For this part of the course, you do not have Justin as your instructor, instead, Matt O’Connor, a specialist in writing high-converting sales copy, teaches you everything about sales copy and video.

He emphasizes how crucial copywriting is for your online business because having an excellent product is not enough if you are not able to convert and sell.

The Simple Video Sales Letter

In the seventh week, Justin teaches you how to create an easy video sales letter for your Clickbank product in Powerpoint and Camtasia. You’ve most likely seen VSL on most Clickbank products’ sales pages before.

As Justin explains, the method for you to create a text sales video using PowerPoint and Camtasia is simple. If you have the budget to invest in higher quality text sales video software, you will find them on Google when you search for “cheap video text maker” or related terms. He also demonstrates how you can outsource everything from slide creation to voice-over, and so on.

Product Finishing

Besides sharing some finalizing tips via Clickbank Builder or any software you prefer, he’ll also discuss how you can get into your customer’s minds with Customer Experience Workflow. In addition to that, he’ll discuss two crucial aspects of the workflow: the sales page and the product page.

Getting Your Product on Clickbank

During this week Justin offers you his insights and experience to help you create your ClickBank vendor account and how to help you create your website and other items you can add using ClickBank.

In this section, he will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you place your product on the ClickBank marketplace and to conduct a test to ensure everything works as it should in your ready-to-go.

Attracting and Managing Joint Venture Relationships

It is the moment to learn everything you need to know about finding affiliates and JVs to help you promote your products. In this part of the course, you learn the process to get them to promote you and take the selling work off your back so you can relax and enjoy the revenue generated by their sales.

Though it sounds easy, it is not as simple as it seems. Justin teaches how to use the ClickBank Builder for affiliate tools.

Split Testing

This part of the course helps you learn how to run a split test on your sales page, ads, and funnel to improve your conversion rate.

Notice you need to wait for some sales to come into your pocket, so you can have enough data to compare and make a data-driven split test.

Extend Your Success

When you set up everything and have some more sales coming it is time to scale your business, and Justin is the right person to guide you and how to increase your traffic to drive more sales.

In this section, he also talks about how email marketing funnels can be beneficial to help you promote related products to your existing email lists.

How do I become a ClickBank affiliate?

Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is an excellent strategy to make money online. To get started, first you need to create an account with ClickBank. Once you have done that, you will be able to access their marketplace of digital products. There you will find a variety of products that you can promote, and you will also find the links and promotional materials you need to start promoting them. You can advertise your links on your website, social media, or other online platforms. Once someone clicks on your link and purchases a product, you will receive a commission. It’s important to remember to read the terms and conditions of any product you promote to ensure that you are following all the guidelines. With the right approach, you can make a good income as a ClickBank affiliate.

Pricing for the ClickBank University

The entry price for ClickBank University is $47 per month. But there is a downside to it because there are hidden costs that will increase your price by close to $200. These hidden costs are the following.

  • The ClickBank Builder: the cost ranges from $594 to $679 total, there are some parts of the training you can not access without the tool.
  • Aweber: The ClickBank Builder is so incredible because it eliminates the need for a domain, but later in the process they inform students they must have their domain names to use Aweber. The tool costs at least $19 per month.
  • Additional Paid Resources: In the CBU bonus sections, you will find some trainers suggesting investing in paid tools and add-ons.

What are some alternatives to ClickBank University?

The web is filled with alternatives, some are dubious and some are legitimate. It is a vast market, and no one wants to fall prey to a fake or low-quality program, so if after reading our review you still feel that ClickBank university is not what you are looking for, check the following options.

  • The Authority Site System
  • The Affiliate Lab
  • Scale Your Travel Blog
  • Blog Growth Engine
  • Passive Income Geek
  • Niche Site Profits
  • Income School’s Project 24
  • Blogging Fast Lane
  • Solo Build It
  • 123 Affiliate Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free spark course?

The ClickBank Free Spark Course is an affiliate marketing training program designed to help new affiliates make their first $2000 online. It is provided by ClickBank and is available for a month’s fee of $23.50, with a $47/month fee.

Spark pairs education, tools, and community to provide step-by-step affiliate marketing training on flexible schedules to adapt to different lifestyles It has supplemental resources and software available at the click of a button, however, users should be aware that if they cancel their membership they will lose access to the courses, community, and tools.

Does ClickBank pay daily?

No, ClickBank does not pay daily, but you can get paid every week or every other week depending on your Payment Frequency.

Choosing the direct deposit will entitle you to get paid every Wednesday, you can also set up the bi-weekly payment and receive your money every other Wednesday.

There are fees associated with ClickBank affiliate marketing, the most important are the $2.50 Clickbank charges for each payment and the $1.56 Clickbank fee for processing transactions.

Can you make a living off of ClickBank?

Absolutely! Making a living off of ClickBank is completely possible, but it does require dedication and hard work. To maximize your income potential, you’ll need to build a strong website with quality content and promote it effectively. You’ll also need to choose products carefully, understand how to use ClickBank’s tools, and monitor your results closely over time. With the right approach, anyone can make a living from ClickBank.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ClickBank University is one of the most successful and reliable online platforms for those looking to get started in the e-commerce world.

It provides courses and support materials to help new entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses. All in all, ClickBank University is an investment for entrepreneurs looking to learn from some of the most experienced and successful professionals in the ClickBank industry.

With its comprehensive educational program and its team of experienced mentors, ClickBank University offers everything that an entrepreneur needs to become successful in the world of e-commerce.

However, it is not for everyone, to consider all the pros and cons before committing to this program because it is pricey and may not be the best choice for total beginners.



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