Easy White Hat Local SEO Strategy to Build High-Quality Backlinks

Build High-Quality Backlinks

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Table of Contents


Joe Troyer: All right, so next question comes from Angelo, and Angelo asks, what’s an easy white hat local SEO strategy to build high-quality back links? This is a good question, this is a loaded question too, right? Not only what’s a good strategy to build white hat local SEO links, right? What’s an easy, so I got to give you guys the goods on this one. This one took me a little bit, but I’m going to take you guys through the process.

Joe Troyer: I’ve been doing this a lot with local SEO, and this works like gangbusters. Frankly, I feel like a lot of SEO’s are just lazy on this front and they’re missing the boat when they’re doing local SEO. They do the norm, they do the press releases, they do the citations, right? They do the social profiles, right? They buy some authoritative gigs within their social profiles to pump those up, but then they never really do more after that.

Joe Troyer: How many of you guys would consider yourselves guilty of that, right? Then it’s like all right, we’ll write some content or do some on page and that’s where you let the SEO sit, right? Yeah, okay, at the end of the day the biggest ranking factor no matter what Google tells you, still at the end of the day, the biggest ranking factor in Google is back links.

Joe Troyer: They want to tell you and the white hat people want to say that it’s all about the content that you write. Well it’s really not if you can’t get anybody to the website, right? It’s really all about the back links, right? Those are the votes, okay? That’s what’s going to get you guys to rank, so the key in ranking white hat, right? In local SEO, the key to ranking is to build a high-quality back links, right?

Joe Troyer: The way that I like to do this after the things that we talked about, right? The money for me and the extra sparkle, right? The reason that my customers get such great results when it comes to local SEO, is because I’ve mastered a process to build guest posts and sponsored posts at scale, okay? What does that mean? That essentially means I’m doing local outreach to bloggers, pitching them almost like a press release almost locally, right?

Joe Troyer: Pitching them a piece of content for their blog, okay? That piece of content obviously has a link in it for my customer who I’m doing the SEO for, right? There’s two ways of thumb to go about this, either you’re going to have to do lots of quantity of this to get bloggers saying yes, right? You’re going to have to write amazing, amazing quality to get bloggers saying yes, right?

Joe Troyer: You’re either going to have to send lots of email and not have to do as much writing, okay? You’re going have to write really amazing content and then you don’t have to reach out to somebody bloggers to get it published on their site, right? Thirdly you can just write okay content and you can simply sponsor the content. What I mean by that, is you say, “I wrote this piece of content for your site, I think your readers will really like it and I’m happy to pay you to publish it on the site,” okay?

Joe Troyer: Guys we do all three of these. This last one, this is what we do the most. This works for me time and time and time and time again. I find that I could do these other things, I’ve got these other things to work, but I can send a whole lot more emails. I can have way less, I can pay a writer way less money to write this content as well. I don’t have to contact many blogs in order to get them to say yes.

Joe Troyer: This is the sweet spot for me, okay? A real-life example, so let’s say I had an attorney client that wanted me to do link building for them, right? I would charge them at minimum $2000 a month for me to run their link building process. I would do some other SEO just to make sure I covered my basis, make sure that I did some basic on page. Made sure that there weren’t any glaring issues, right?

Joe Troyer: I’d do some basic off page citations. I’d make sure their Google My Business was all built out and optimized and the basics, right? Then I would very quickly get to link building. By the second month probably in our arrangement, right? I’m already building links in this local outreach style. Everybody following me so far? Give me a four if you’re watching live and you’re following.

Joe Troyer: All right, good stuff, all right, good. What I would do then essentially is this my favorite target, and by target I mean people to outreach to, people to pitch this to. My favorite target, this is a little secret I don’t really let fly too much, my favorite target is mommy blogs. I find mommy blogs in the area, okay? It can be the greater area, it doesn’t have to be the fricking town next door.

Joe Troyer: If you live in a city with 10,000 people in it, no problem, go to the next city. Go to the next big city or two cities, right? We’d find mommy blogs close by. They don’t have to be close by even, but close by makes them more relevant, right? Cleaner, easier, white hat link so to speak, not easier, but more white hat link and we’d pitch them, right?

Joe Troyer: We’d give them a piece of content that would fit in with their site. We’d say, “We love what you’ve been doing Kelly with your site, your site here, specially like this one piece of content. It gave us an idea to write this other piece of content,” right? It’s very similar, we’d give them a link to go preview the content. “We’d love to sponsor this and have you put it up on your site. If you’re interested, we’ll pay you 50 bucks to sponsor it,” okay? We’ll pay you 20 bucks, we’ll pay you 30 bucks to sponsor it.

Joe Troyer: At the end of the day there aren’t that many mommy blogs that are out there crushing it where the mom, right? That’s running the blog has been able to quit her day job and this is what she does for a full-time living, right? 20 to 30 bucks to post a blog post, right? Where she’s adding content that her visitors will like, is a heck of a win-win scenario for that little mommy blogger.

Joe Troyer: Give me a five if that makes sense. Using this process folks reaching out to mommy blogs, we have quite literally in just the last couple of months, say three, four months built over 300, probably getting close to 400 now, it’s got to be over 400 now root domains, right? From mommy blogs, meaning 300 unique domains by pitching mommy blogs doing the exact thing that I just taught you guys to do here today, okay?

Joe Troyer: Mommy blogs are by far, by far my favorite, favorite outlet, all right? My favorite target for me to go after, so the interesting thing here is 300 root domains, right? For those of you guys that are hard-core SEO’s is that a lot? For those of you guys that have looked at really powerful sites that are making seven figures a year, seven figures a month with their organic traffic, is that a lot? Frankie says, “OMG, yes.”

Joe Troyer: Guys here’s the cool thing, even if you’re doing SEO for your clients, if you can build this list of 300 root domains, you guys can then go back to those same mommy blogs, the same 300 and say, “Hey Rachel, I got another great idea for a piece of content for you,” right? You guys can reuse that list, so you can reuse the asset that you built, right?

Joe Troyer: Guys one of my motivations in doing SEO for clients is to be able to do SEO for myself, right? To be able to use this list, to have this asset, to be able to turn back to this and go re-pitch all of them. I just took 60% of the work out of the process, because I’m going back to a list that already said yes, okay? This is how we do easy white hat local SEO, right? To build high-quality back links and I just talked about 300 root domains folks, that’s at scale.

Joe Troyer: This is how you do it. Somebody asks, do PBN’s still work? Yeah, Private Blog Networks still work, right? The fact is though are you going to be proud to show your customers that you bought them PBN links? Probably not, right? Are you going to be proud to show them these links that you built for them? Yeah, check this out Mr. Customer, just got you on another mommy blog, right?

Joe Troyer: Rachel’s singing praises about your practice. Would 100% be excited to share that link, I would not be excited to share a PBN link. I’m not saying PBN’s are bad, what I don’t like is when SEO’s that are doing client work, right? Marketers that are doing client work don’t teach their customers what a Private Blog Network is, right? They don’t talk to them, they don’t have a conversation about risk that comes with some more gray or black hat techniques, right?

Joe Troyer: Then they just buy them a bunch of PBN links, right? Then the customer gets excited, because you’re getting them results, right? They end up getting smacked by Google, because you never really had that conversation with them. Guys I’ve been in those situations, right? I’m saying that from experience, so I just don’t like doing PBN’s anymore for my customers, because of that.

Joe Troyer: I’ve had to have some awkward conversations like, “Joe you crushed it for us for two years, what the hell happened to our rankings?” “Sorry guys, I used some Private Blog Networks,” right? Those aren’t fun conversations, so I don’t use those for my clients site. Everything that I do for myself these days, right? I don’t build any Private Blog Networks for myself either, because everything that I want to do I want it to be long-term for me.

Joe Troyer: That’s just a decision that I’ve made, right? Decision that you guys have to make for yourself, what’s your pain tolerance, or what’s your pain threshold so to speak, all right? I hope that makes sense.




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