Having Trouble Hiring Virtual Assistants?


Joe Troyer: Next up, [Dameer] says, “Hey, Joe. I’m really struggling in hiring VAs to work with me.” He’s trying to get VAs to make cold calls ad also it looks like do some video production or SEO rankings with videos. All right. I’m gonna walk you guys through some tips for hiring virtual assistants. Over the years, last five years, the last ten years, we’ve spent probably 200 thousand dollars just in hiring and firing, not like, “Oh, we paid that person a yearly salary and I’m including that number in it.” No, just blew that money all in hiring and testing people and then firing people. No joke. I’ll share with you guys how we handling hiring and firing and virtual assistants. First and foremost, you gotta batch everything that you’re doing. You should be batch hiring, meaning you’re working on hiring and you bring on multiple people at the same time because not everybody’s gonna last. By you bringing on three or four people at the same time, 10 people at the same time, you’re gonna make sure that you don’t lose out on your time commitment. It doesn’t take a whole lot more to batch and do more than one person than it does to do a bunch. You wanna batch hire. You wanna batch test. We always test. Give them a little test project. Have them go do it, 30 minutes or less. If they can’t follow your test project and they can’t complete it, guess what? They don’t get to qualify for the job. Batch fire the people. You should be spending your time, first off, creating the systems to do what I just said up above, batch hire, batch test, batch fire. How do you do that? How do you do that with efficiency? How do you hand it off to somebody else to run with for you? How did they do that with efficiency?

Joe Troyer: Secondarily, how do train people? What’s the system and what’s the process that you’re gonna use to train somebody? Those are the two places that you have to spend your time, the only two. If you spend them everywhere else, trust me when I say, you’re just gonna be drowning. What happens when you go put out an ad for a job? You get a ton of applicants. It’s like boom, 40 applicants, 50 applicants. I put out a job post for a designer couple weeks ago, very near and dear to my heart, 60 applications in 24 hours. I knew it was coming. I’ve done this before, so guess what? I batch it. Here’s a test project for you. Give them a test project. If they didn’t follow the basic instructions, they don’t even get a chance to talk with me or to apply for the job. All in batch, send them all a message. “Sorry, we’re picking somebody else. You don’t qualify.”

Joe Troyer: Onto another step, another test project that they had to do for me, again, all of these people are getting sent emails. It’s getting sent to all 10 or 15 of them, not me one off sending this stuff. Figure out how you can systematize that and how you can do everything in a batch. Leave the rest for everybody else. Build the process. Let somebody else run it. You move on. You should be very project-oriented, I believe, in your business. You work on hiring a team to do a specific task. You get them running that task. You move on. What’s the next task that they should be working on? You do it. You figure it out. You get your hands dirty. You make a process out of it, then you hand it off to your team. You monitor them and you make sure that they can run with the process. Then you move on to the next project. I think that that’s the only real way that you can keep, week in and week out, making incremental growth.

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