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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

If you are a blog writer, and you are searching for a more efficient way to craft your blogs, you may consider using AI blogging tools.

AI blogging is useful to create blog posts in a short amount of time.

In this post, you will learn the best AI tools, and how to use them.

What is AI blogging?

AI blogging is the use of AI writing tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to write blog posts faster than a human writer.

Currently, almost every business uses AI writing tools for content writing through the web.

You can create and modify your posts quickly and effectively with the aid of AI writing tools, and they can even help you come up with fresh ideas for blog entries.

AI writing tools analyze large-scale linguistic data sets, which generate written material in the forms required.

Today, writing helpers provide AI-generated content, such as headlines, key points, and paragraphs. They need some guidance.

Typically, the input consists of statements and phrases intended to direct the AI’s output toward something pertinent and helpful.

AI writing software can be used for many tasks, including social media posts, book writing, essay writing, marketing copywriting, and creating content.

How does AI blog writing work?

To generate prose that is human-like, the majority of AI writing aids employ GPT-3.

Using every text that it has previously browsed, the AI makes an intelligent prediction as to what to write next. It resembles a text message prediction.

The drawback is that the AI will either produce content that is overly equivalent to what is already available or put together words that go well together but may not yield factual statements.

That is because the AI writers will guess what words can come based on what website is already available.

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 stands for Third Generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

It was created by OpenAI, and it needs a tiny quantity of text as input to produce huge amounts of accurate and complex machine-generated text.

Natural language generation (NLG), which focuses on producing text in human language, is one of the main components of natural language processing (NLP).

NLP is one of the main factors that AI writing tools consider for writing blog posts.

Machines do not fully comprehend the subtleties and complexity of language. Producing information that is intelligible by humans is a difficulty. GPT-3 is trained to generate human writing by using online text.

It can write any content. It is a machine that can tell you a joke, a narrative, or even create a novel.

Pros and cons of using AI blog writing Tools

Among the benefits of using AI content writers, we can find that the capacity to create exciting content for users and the reduction of time production costs are some advantages of employing these technologies.

It will help you optimize your articles for search engine rankings, compose social media copy to promote your posts, discover spelling errors, and enhance your content quality, among other things. The caliber of your writing will enhance.

Regarding the drawbacks we find that machine-written text may not necessarily read as easily as human-written information, raising quality questions, you can also use sentence repeats, or people may copy and reword your work.

You also need to take caution to avoid copying someone else’s ideas, because bloggers accuse AI software of everything. You also need to take caution because you may risk being penalized by Google if you do not alter the AI output.

What are the best AI tools for blogging?

There are many AI writing tools in the market, but few are considered the best. Among which we can find:

For individuals who wish to outsource their material to save time and money, the Jasper AI writing tool is a fantastic investment.

The product will help you write a blog post or create content for many purposes, producing error-free, high-quality content while lowering your risk of making mistakes.

For any blogger or company owner who needs assistance with producing SEO-friendly blog articles, social site copywriting, ads, email content, and more, Jasper AI provides over 50+ text templates from which to pick.

Jasper produces AI-generated material that is 99.99% original and free of plagiarism. As a result, you’ll be able to create SEO-optimized, high-quality content in a small amount of the time it typically takes.


SurferSEO is one of the greatest data-driven AI writing tools to help you increase the ranking of your content.

It is an excellent on-page tool that helps remove the element of guessing. In addition to being simple to use, especially for new SEOs, utilizing the program may help you become a better SEO.

It offers several features that will help you in creating and optimize your content, as well as a clean interface that is simple to use.

You may examine and contrast your pages with those already ranking on the SERPs with the Surfer SEO AI writing tool.

This tool provides you with a data-driven analysis of what’s lacking from your page, site, and content plan, and more than leaving it up to speculation about what Google prefers to rank.


Ahrefs is a tool that assists in the search engine optimization of your website.

Dmitry Gerasimenko founded it in 2010, and it is currently one of the most well-known SEO tools on the market, with clients including Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, Pinterest, and Facebook.

One of the best tools for conducting keyword research, examining backlinks, and identifying chances for link development is Ahrefs.

The creation of reports happens more quickly than with rival products. They provide an exceptionally fresh and comprehensive index with some helpful reporting capabilities.


Time to get to know, your soon-to-be favorite AI writing tool. Expect premium content in a snap, for whatever you’re working on – blogs, digital ads, ecommerce copy, social media content, and more. Speed up your writing, keep your audience engaged, and never be haunted by a blank page again.

Do AI tools craft original blog posts?

Depending on the AI tools you use, you will get good results, or on the contrary, you will be sharing poor information.

The good news is that you can use several AI writing tools during your content writing process and optimize your content for your audience so that you share quality content.

You can use Ahrefs AI tool for keyword research, Jasper AI and Grammarly AI tools to make your content sound more original, and SurferSEO to check its properties to share it.

By following those guidelines you will ensure to have quality original content to share with your audience.

How to start AI blogging?

To conduct a well-driven AI blogging process, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Conduct keyword research

To create relevant content, you first need to know what information is for people. In a nutshell, you need to know what people are searching for on the web.

To do that you need to have a keyword research tool like Ahrefs that helps you find the topics that are important for the people.

  1. Create your post title and blog outline

After having your topic, you need to craft the structure of your post. That is to say, the subtopics that you will develop in your post.

To accomplish that you can use the Google docs app

  1. Start the writing process

No is time for you to let the magic happen.

You can use the Jasper AI tool and let it do the content production.

You will see how it writes automatically the content, and how original it is. You can use another AI tool, such as the Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR) to check if the content sounds fake or real.

You can also check your grammar using the Grammarly AI tool to improve your post grammar, which is highly recommended so that it will not be noticed that a machine wrote it. Machines bet machine learning.

  1. Use SurferSEO

SurferSEO AI tool will help you check the relevance of the content of your post by analyzing the keywords you are using in it (or the AI tool you use).

SurferSEO will compare your post to your main competitors’ posts so that you can ensure that your content is appropriate and relevant.

In this step, you will be doing something called an SEO Audit, which means that you will assess how likely your post is to appear within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

  1. Read your content and add more details

After following the previous steps, you will need to add images or links to your post, to look more interesting and attractive to your audience.

Use links to other websites that confirm your blog post ideas and information and attribute images to their owners or website owner.

Now you are ready to publish a quality, relevant and interesting blog post.


Using AI tools for blogging purposes will help you produce high-quality content, and can make it easier to write your blog posts in a few minutes, but you need to conduct a good AI blogging process and an SEO Audit.

Following those steps, you will share quality content within a few time.



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