Best AI Marketing Tools: How to Apply Artificial Intelligence to Your Business

Best AI Marketing Tools

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to marketing is a necessary strategy to engage clients since it can work on repetitive tasks to optimize customer data.

The best AI marketing tools provide better solutions for current problems related to data management within your business.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the term that describes machine learning. It can work based on logic, reasoning, perception, and creativity.

Its name is Artificial because human beings create it, and “intelligence” because it has cognitive capacities similar to humans.

Humans thought only they could have those abilities, but science and technology are getting closer to the bottom of them.

AI is becoming more frequent in daily life, with applications to self-driving cars or healthcare.

Machines powered by AI can learn from experience by analyzing the data and creating ‘’new ways’’ of performing their tasks. They can also adapt to new inputs and change the way they perform their tasks.

Natural Language Processing, coupled with machine learning, is one of the core technologies that enable machines to analyze data. Thanks to their learning capabilities, they can understand the state of your data and perform a considerable number of tasks.

Artificial intelligence is the application of computer programming to replicate human thought and behavior regarding information processing.

Machines learn through decoding information coming from the environment to anticipate the activities or tasks they can do, based on the data they own.

AI can help humans with a variety of repetitive tasks. Technology can learn a task once and then repeat it as often as its human coder wants.

The ‘’Weak AI’’ as a marketing strategy

There is not one single type of AI since not all machines work and learn the same way.

The majority of artificial intelligence that we see in modern digital marketing methods is called ‘’Weak AI or “Narrow AI.”

Narrow AI is the one type of AI that can only perform simple actions such as analyzing people’s preferences based on the clicks they make to certain ads to provide them with similar content.

Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are two excellent examples of Narrow AI since they work similarly: by answering questions and finding solutions to people’s queries.

Book marketing services tools can be helpful for business owners since they operate with narrow AI to analyze and optimize customer data.

AI-powered tools are necessary for building a quality online business, especially if it is constantly expanding. It is the marketing strategy that business owners implement.

AI Market & Marketing campaigns

We can find many websites offering software for business management and development, from SEO software to management tools and more.

Being able to manage properly your business is essential to get more opportunities to gain more customers, but it can be hard to manage everything on your own since the number of data that you would have to analyze to give your customers excellent service can be astonishing.

It would be hard for you to manage the information from every client you have. It is when AI comes to help.

AI-powered marketing tools are essential for online businesses since they can operate on diverse activities that can be difficult to develop on your own.

In all marketing campaigns, business owners should be aware of the importance of using AI marketing tools to improve their business rank within search engines and provide a high-quality service to their customers.

The more your business grows, the more customers you get, and the more data you have to manage. Some responsibilities regarding diverse activities will take time. Therefore you may need to hire additional personnel to develop them.

The use of AI technology is increasing as analysts expect it to grow 36.2% until 2027.

The promotion of products through different types of media is known as a marketing campaign. It is a strategy that business owners use to get more chances to get more sales from their products and get more chances to get more traffic to their business website and get more clients.

Marketing campaigns take place within different types of media. Business owners or companies can launch a marketing campaign through radio or television, brochure printing or social media, online platforms, or email marketing campaigns.

Launching a marketing campaign can take time, and it requires the use of marketing tools to launch the campaign properly.

As the internet and social media are becoming widely used, AI marketing helps business owners reach more people and more clients.

The organization of marketing teams is crucial when launching a marketing campaign. Members from one team can focus on the advance of the campaign regarding a particular social medium and members from another can focus on another.

The bigger a business is, the more marketing teams it requires.

Influencer marketing is another way to increase customer engagement. It is based on affiliate marketing, which is the type of marketing that enables people to promote products from a business within their social media accounts. By doing it they receive compensation in the form of passive income.

The people who are affiliates can develop content marketing plan and campaigns to get more chances to make people purchase within the business website.

Content marketing campaigns can also focus on developing content to show on the web. It is the case of advertising, in which promoters use content marketing tools to develop appropriate content to promote their products or services.

How can we apply AI as a marketing strategy?

To get more customers, business owners can use a variety of strategies, using artificial intelligence.

Business owners have to ensure that they are producing excellent customer experiences. There is a minimal possibility that your user or customer will convert or come back if you cannot do this for them.

The benefit of using AI as a marketing strategy is that business owners can apply AI in different ways to get their business to the next level.

Giving clients a good experience is crucial to increase customer experience.

The capacity to gather information and determine which type of material is appropriate for your target audience based on elements like location, past behavior, and data is crucial for you.

The information on which AI can focus can be location or previous behavior using the web. Customers may feel that a particular brand offers them exactly what they are searching for as if it was designed to suit their needs.

What is an AI marketing tool?

Marketing tools are programs or platforms that optimize customer data automatically using artificial intelligence technology.

The optimization of the data produces new recommendations for customers. The marketing tool focuses on information gathered, examined, and evaluated within market trends.

The objective is to create automated decisions that foresee the customer’s subsequent action to recommend the appropriate content.

Without the involvement of a real person, everything is completed in real-time. That ability to give quick automated recommendations is what makes AI marketing tools powerful.

There is an AI tool for every marketing need, from social media scheduling and text editing to audio transcription and ad management. You can use AI to grow your organization.

Three ways in which AI applies to Digital Marketing

There are many ways to apply AI to digital marketing. The goal of doing it is to build and preserve a relationship with the customer.

Predictive and targeted content, content generation, picture recognition technology, and chatbots stand out as four key advancements. Each of them can help improve customer support and service while delivering more relevant and targeted material.

You can apply any of them depending on the business you have.

Targeted and Predictive Content

Business owners can use AI to acquire more information about potential customers, and it can use the information to forecast future behavior and provide optimized content. 

AI can be an engine to send emails and dynamic content on a website.

It is because AI may employ dynamic content and determine that material based on previous consumer behavior to provide the appropriate email message.

Technology for image recognition

A system or software can recognize things in pictures as people, places, objects, and actions.

Due to the expanding potential of computer vision, many businesses are investing in image recognition, as well as image classification, to interpret and analyze data derived from visual sources.

Personalizing client interactions with image recognition technologies is another benefit. Customers or users can upload a picture of an item and get the information from it.

Content creation

It takes time and effort to produce high-quality content for efficient marketing. AI can help produce part of that material on your behalf. AI image generators, for example, can help generate custom images for marketing materials.

As happens with email subject lines and social media ads written in AI-generated language, there are also tools for crafting content. The content that the AI produces is targeted at the customer.

It is meant to be helpful to the customer when they are looking for information or browsing social media pages, without needing countless hours of labor from an employee or freelancer.


Chatbots are one of the most used marketing tools since they can help people ask questions and get answers from the AI they are talking to as if they were talking to an actual person.

Thousands of companies and businesses have begun using messaging services like WhatsApp and Messenger to interact with their clients. It is because customers today need to be able to ask questions and receive prompt responses.

Chatbots make customers feel more like they are talking to a human, allowing them to respond to and answer simple inquiries about a company’s goods or services.

Best AI marketing tools

  1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a quick AI writer who can filter content five times faster than the typical human copywriter.

With Jasper AI, you get unique content that does not raise plagiarism or red flags.

Jasper AI creates quality content for SEO, which means that it is optimized and prepared to reach a good rank within search engines. It also has pre-written templates for particular categories and it supports more than 25 languages.

Ad campaigns, marketing campaigns, specialized blogs, educational content, social media marketing, or any other kind of keyword may be input to Jasper AI, and it will immediately offer the needed information in the best format, resulting in an efficient workflow without procrastination like a human would.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent and widely used writing tool that corrects grammar, word spelling, punctuation, and writing style to ensure your content is qualified.

The revisions and recommendations are based on the genre of the writing, such as academic, business, technical, and creative writing.

There are also several types of writing you can select depending on your writing purposes. They can be school, work, or other projects.

You can also select the English dialect in which you want to write (American, British, Australian, or Canadian), as well as your mother tongue.

It offers a limited-time offer for Grammarly as well as a premium version.

There are four ways to use Grammarly, which are: a Google Chrome extension, the online dashboard, the Microsoft Office extension, and the Windows app, as well as the iOS and Android apps.


Synthesia is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for creating videos that offers its consumers a more accessible alternative to conventional video creation tools.

With only a few clicks, professional video production is now easily accessible without the need to pay video editors or rent out facilities.

For those with less skill, Synthesia is a potent application that allows for the creation of videos and offers a wide variety of templates.

It is easy to use for short social media videos, digital marketing films, social media marketing, YouTube videos, school projects, and explanation movies for onboarding. Even so, it can support demanding customers that want to make professional videos at home.

The ability to make video material without revealing your face is Synthesia’s selling feature. The platform uses AI to replicate real video instead of capturing material with a camera.

You can use avatars in Synthesia to make spectacular videos that suit your needs.

You can use the tool to create any type of video, from social media videos, marketing videos, training videos, product demo videos, YouTube videos, and much more. can be used by digital marketing companies, online stores, course creators, or by YouTubers.

  1. Manychat

Using the service ManyChat, you can build Facebook Messenger chatbots, which can be used for a variety of tasks, including marketing and customer service.

You may use it to create a chatbot in minutes. You do not need to be an expert in systems programming to perform it because there is no coding required.

ManyChat allows People to automate their Facebook Messenger for marketing purposes.

People can also combine it with many Customer Relationship Managers. It enables people to make broadcasts that are even more precisely targeted.

ManyChat is initially free to use. There are Free and Pro plans on the platform with several restrictions on the Free plan.

For instance, it restricts how many tags and custom fields people can make. Additionally, they can only make a limited number of broadcast sequences.

  1. Beautfiul Ai

Beautiful AI is a presentation platform that helps people create professional designs and presentations using intelligent templates.

Through the use of a library, the system enables people to design and distribute personalized presentation decks that adhere to a single brand’s colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements.

With its real-time sync feature, it makes it possible for teams to operate remotely while still maintaining the most recent design.

Different permission levels regulate who can create and change templates as well as who may access slides containing sensitive information.

Logos and other brand elements can be locked within slide templates to keep everyone updated on the project. Users may categorize, locate, and reuse their creations endlessly thanks to the searchable slide library.

  1. is a ground-breaking platform revolutionizing the way companies harness the power of customer data. It is not just a tool; it’s a strategic ally that harnesses artificial intelligence and data analytics to empower businesses with unparalleled insights into their customer base.

One of the standout features of is its ability to provide real-time insights and email deliverability. It continually analyzes customer data as it evolves, ensuring that businesses are equipped with the most up-to-date information to drive their decision-making. This agility is critical in today’s rapidly changing market landscape. empowers businesses to personalize customer experiences, optimize marketing strategies, enhance customer retention, predict future trends, and improve product development.

  1. MeetGeek AI

In the era of remote and hybrid workspaces, where meetings and partnerships are often conducted online, it’s important to adjust your tool stack accordingly. MeetGeek, the AI marvel for conversation insights, empowers marketers to decode their customers’ online sentiments and craft spellbinding marketing campaigns. It’s your all-in-one solution, providing services like recording and transcribing meetings, effortlessly generating meeting summaries, and seamlessly syncing conversation highlights with your toolkit.

Recording and transcribing sales calls help marketers uncover what their buyers want, the language they use, and the competing solutions they are using. This valuable information can then be used to structure marketing messaging and generate more leads.

MeetGeek is used company-wide, across all departments, facilitating the sharing of customer insights, team meeting decisions, and coaching sessions.


Using AI for Marketing purposes is an essential option for business development. Marketing is crucial for small business owners who want to expand their enterprises.

Without exceeding your tight budget, you can produce content that increases traffic, raises brand awareness, produces leads, and helps get potential buyers.

Using the best AI tools will allow you to reach more customers and manage your business more efficiently.



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