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Table of Contents

Business is competitive. There’s ALWAYS someone trying to sell your customers THEIR solution. But, here’s a little secret sauce to keep your hard-earned clients where they belong…Something we like to call our monthly brag email strategy.  

Think about it. How often are your customers getting pitched the newest, latest, and greatest product by your competitors? Not to mention, in these pitches, they totally downplay the results you help your customer achieve and the quality of your product or service.

Implementing a “Monthly Brag” email is the quickest and MOST simple way to increase lifetime value and stick rate, bar none.

Let’s face it. It’s also an easy way to control the narrative or perception of your brand. Besides, whose brand couldn’t use a few pats on the back for its captive audience eyes to witness?

Why Bother With A Monthly Brag Email?

This monthly brag email strategy is something that is UBER important, but not that many of us do (yep, I’m guilty of it too)! Remember, your brand is as much about what gets said about what you do as what you actually do. So why not take the opportunity to put regular positive reminders out there when it takes so little time to do it? Plus, ensure your emails reach your audience by employing an SPF record checker to guarantee secure and trustworthy delivery.

In the marketing space, things move FAST, and companies make a lot of outlandish claims every day to your prospects and customers. They guarantee:

  • Your customer will be number one on Google searches
  • More leads at your customer’s doorstep
  • To drop your client’s cost per lead by 50%

And that’s not even the least of it!

Your competitors make it their mission to point their collective finger at you as the cause of any flaws, issues, and missed opportunities your clients’ experience. Why? Because you are the agency at the helm of their marketing ship, so it must be your fault.

The Monthly Brag Email Strategy

Here’s a completely doable swipe and deploy strategy you can use to combat this in your business in just 15 minutes per month 😉. No joke!

It’s so painless, you can take an hour right now and automate it for the next 4 months!

This is EXACTLY what we’ve done to combat being bashed or left behind…

Every month we send a short email to our customer base, and highlight things like:

  • Being featured in a press release that ended up on a big news site, an authority’s website, or a popular podcast
  • Customer results (we use this one a ton!)
  • An extra feature or service we now include for all of our PPC or SEO Clients
  • Something extra we executed or a notable accomplishment we’re responsible for on behalf of our customers. Including things like developing an profile or preparing a press release
  • A donation we just made to a Non-Profit or cause close to our hearts

Some months it’s one thing we share, some months it’s three. It really just depends on your creativity! Think about it like this. If you’d brag to your mom or your spouse about it, it’s completely legit to include it in your monthly email.

Monthly Brag Email Strategy Action Steps

First, set aside 15 minutes once a month on your content calendar.

Next, take the first 5 minutes to make a bullet list of top client marketing successes for the month. Add in any extras you executed to go above and beyond for your clients. Document the stuff you did that makes you a cool human.

Take the next 3 minutes to review the bullets and do the “you’d tell your mom” test to make sure it’s positive and brag-worthy.

Finally, take the last 7 minutes to draft the email in your CRM, send a test email to yourself to review your work (and see the email the way your client would), then schedule it to go out to your entire list.

See, I told you it was stupid simple. Now open your calendar and schedule in that 15 minutes each month. Hit me up here with any questions about the process or to let me know your success with retention rate from implementing this strategy.

Want other ways to keep your small agency top of mind over larger competitors with your clients? Here’s more on the subject.



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