Savage Affiliates Review: What You Need to Know About This Affiliate Marketing Course

Savage Affiliates reveiw

So you’re thinking about joining Savage Affiliates? Or maybe you’re just curious about what this affiliate marketing course is all about. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at the course content, price, and features to see if it’s worth your time and money. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of whether or not Savage Affiliates is right for you.

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Savage Affiliates


Savage Affiliates is an online affiliate marketing course designed by successful internet entrepreneur Franklin Hatchett. It offers an extensive range of resources and tutorials to help aspiring marketers build their full-time incomes from affiliate marketing. Students have access to comprehensive lessons, templates, and step-by-step strategies that will show them how to generate revenue from their online digital products.

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What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

What is Savage Affiliates?

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Savage Affiliates is an online affiliate marketing course designed by successful internet entrepreneur Franklin Hatchett. It offers an extensive range of resources and tutorials to help aspiring marketers build their full-time incomes from affiliate marketing. Students have access to comprehensive lessons, templates, and step-by-step strategies that will show them how to generate revenue from their online digital products.

The course also provides support for ongoing campaigns and for uncovering additional monetization opportunities so that students can maximize their earning potential. With this in-depth course, anyone can start making money quickly with simple, powerful, and easily replicated methods without ever having to leave the comfort of home.


Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is an online entrepreneur and YouTuber with nearly 600,000 subscribers. He’s a multimillionaire who made his money via Shopify dropshipping. Before finding success as a drop shipper, Franklin began his journey as an online entrepreneur by creating and ranking websites. He’d make money from the advertisements he put on his websites. However, the money he was earning at the time was insufficient to support the laptop lifestyle he wanted to achieve.

Franklin Hatchett

Franklin got into dropshipping in 2009 and was able to generate over seven figures of income with the help primarily from Facebook ads. Along with starting the free resource blog Online Dimes, he also launched a software company that made over $300,000. In addition to Savage Affiliates, Franklin developed the online course eCom Elites. The course teaches participants how to start and grow their own Shopify dropshipping store.

Course Overview

Savage Affiliates is divided into modules that cover almost every aspect of affiliate marketing. It is comprised of the following:

Selecting Your Niche and Products

The first module covers the profitable affiliate products and market niches that can be promoted for high commissions. This entry point is primarily intended for newbies to help them avoid making the wrong choices.

Here, you’ll discover the top networks for locating profitable goods. Additionally, you’ll get some guidance on how to build a strong affiliate website and other online assets.

Although this module is the least technical, it is crucial for your success in affiliate marketing. Franklin will walk you through his process step-by-step and explain to you the steps he took to achieve his level of success.

Building Your Website

This section serves as a continuation of the first module and is beneficial for newcomers to the affiliate marketing industry. Franklin talks about the steps involved in creating a website, such as purchasing a domain name, setting up necessary plugins, and developing web pages and landing pages.

Additionally discussed in this section is the importance of growing an email list for your business. Email marketing gives you a second channel you can control for making online revenue, it is a crucial part of affiliate marketing. Without a doubt, anyone who wants to earn money online needs to build an email list.

Email Marketing and Sales Funnels

In this module, Franklin delves deeper into email marketing and takes you through the basics of sales funnels. You’ll learn the correct procedures for setting up email campaigns and newsletters, which is a fundamental skill in online marketing. Franklin reveals every step in the process of generating passive income from email, from finding those valuable emails to closing the deal.

Affiliate marketers of all experience levels can benefit from the lessons taught in this module. By the end of this module, you should know how to set up your affiliate marketing business so that commissions are received automatically.

ClickBank Training

Clickbank serves as both an affiliate marketplace and an e-commerce platform for digital content creators. You can add your product to Clickbank’s database as a content owner, and they will manage the sale and checkout process, as well as make it visible to their network of affiliate marketers.

This module is all about teaching you how to use ClickBank. You will discover how to build a lucrative ClickBank affiliate marketing website and profitable ClickBank funnels.

Franklin will also walk you through how to find the best products for your online business. He offers his strategies for both free and paid traffic. Additionally, he offers done-for-you funnels that he’s been using.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Training

Mastering ClickFunnels, one of the most popular affiliate programs today, is the focus of Module 5. Franklin’s command of this affiliate program is supported by a Two Comma Club award. This unique award is given by ClickFunnels to members who have generated at least \$1 million in revenue using a sales funnel. He’ll be walking you through a $100,000 affiliate funnel.

On top of that, Franklin will be sharing a case study that demonstrates exactly the effectiveness of his processes. You can access the actual funnel Franklin used to win the ClickFunnels award by using this module.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training

Amazon has the world’s largest affiliate program, and Franklin will teach you how to navigate its entire network and create a profitable Amazon affiliate site in this module.

Franklin will go over the entire website setup process as well as provide examples that have served him well in the real world. By the end of this section, you’ll understand how to set up and organize your articles on your niche website using the appropriate keywords.

SEO Training

This module contains a total of 29 videos on on-page and off-page SEO training. SEO being the fundamental discipline that it is, the methods covered in this section don’t get overly technical.

What you’ll get a lot of are Franklin’s tips and tricks on how to generate organic traffic for your offers. He also reveals the ranking method that helped him become an authority in the affiliate marketing industry. Plus, he’ll discuss the backlinking strategy that he regularly employs.

Free Traffic Strategies

Hatchett shares methods for getting traffic from social media, forums, and high-traffic authority websites in this module. Because of Franklin’s considerable success as a YouTuber, it’s not surprising that there’s a great deal of emphasis on gaining traffic from this platform. That being said, you will learn other strategies that are not related to YouTube.

Paid Traffic Training

This section focuses primarily on Facebook ads but dives into Google ads and solo ads as well. You will learn how to properly track and manage your campaigns as well as how to use Facebook pixels to track visitors to your website.

On the topic of Google ads and solo ads, Franklin shows where you can learn about the best leads from other sources. Targeting keywords, audience selection, tracking, and finding the best sellers to pay for ads to get immediate results are all covered in these sections of paid traffic training.

The instructions Franklin gives are pretty straightforward. The entire section is simple to comprehend. This will serve as an excellent introduction for newcomers. For the seasoned affiliate marketer, it’s an ample refresher.


Savage Affiliates has two offerings.

Standard Plan – $ 197

Super Pack Plan -$297:

This includes everything in the standard plan plus the following:


If Savage Affiliates isn’t a good fit for you, here are some of the other affiliate marketing courses that you may want to consider.

  • The Authority Site System
  • The Affiliate Lab
  • Niche Site Profits
  • Passive Income Geek
  • 123 Affiliate Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do affiliate marketers make?

According to Glassdoor, an affiliate marketer makes an average yearly salary of $59,060. With “additional pay” options like cash bonuses, commissions, tips, or profit sharing, it ranges from $58K to $158K.

Who is Savage Affiliates for?

The course caters to affiliate marketers of any experience level but is best suited for beginners.

Savage Affiliates Refund Policy

Savage Affiliates gives you 30 days to figure out if the course is for you and allows you a full refund if within that time frame.

Wrap Up

By all accounts, Franklin Hatchett is legit. Savage Affiliates covers everything you need to start an affiliate marketing business, but it’s not the best affiliate marketing course out there. It ain’t the worst either. It’s decent. It’s a good option for newbies or people who are just beginning their affiliate marketing journey. It also makes a lot of sense if you’re on a budget.



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