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surfer seo pricing plans

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Table of Contents

Are you looking for a way to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and get more traffic? If so, Surfer SEO pricing could be the answer.

This innovative SEO Software uses data-driven analysis to comprehensively examine how well your site is optimized for organic search. With this knowledge, you can make changes that will help boost your rankings in Google and other major search engines.

In this blog post, we’ll look in-depth at Surfer SEO pricing and explore why it’s an effective target keyword research tool for improving your website performance.

What Is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is an innovative search engine optimization (SEO) tool that helps you analyze and improve your website’s performance in organic search. The software uses data-driven analysis to identify areas where you can optimize your website on Google Docs for the best possible results from Google and other major search engines. With this knowledge, you can make changes that will help boost your rankings in SERPs and get more traffic to your site.

How Does On-Page SEO Analysis Work?

On-page SEO analysis is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. This analysis helps identify and address any issues with the content, structure using Natural Language Processing, and design of your top-ranking pages that may hold them back in search engine rankings. By understanding how search engines interpret your website, you can make changes to improve your rankings and visibility.

On-page SEO analysis begins by assessing the relevancy of each page’s content for its target keywords. The software looks at factors such as keyword density, content length, and the presence of other related terms to determine if a web page is relevant for its intended purpose. Additionally, it evaluates whether or not the content is original and free from plagiarism.

In addition to examining the quality of a page’s content, on-page SEO also looks at the structure of websites. It checks whether headings and subheadings are correctly placed and uses HTML tags like title tags and meta descriptions to assess how easily search engines can find important information on a webpage.

The software also evaluates internal links within pages to ensure proper navigation between topics and pages, as well as external links pointing outwards from a website to other relevant websites that could provide valuable information or resources for visitors.

Surfer SEO Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Hobby: $29/month
  • Basic: $59/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Business: $199/month
  • Business+: $650/month
  • Enterprise: Custom/month

30-Day Money Back Guarantee of SurferSEO

Surfer SEO offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans. Customers can test the software and its features within 30 days of purchase. If they are not satisfied with their results, they can contact Surfer SEO and request a refund of their purchase.

The money-back guarantee is designed to give customers peace of mind when purchasing the software. It assures that if the customer is unsatisfied with Surfer SEO, they can get their money back without further commitments or expenses.

Moreover, it allows customers to take risks and try something new without worrying about being stuck with an unsatisfactory product if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

The money-back-guarantee encourages customers to decide before committing to a particular plan or package.

This allows them to evaluate all of the features available in Surfer SEO’s pricing plans and compare them against each other before making a final decision on which one best meets their needs.

Is SEO Surfer Free?

No, SEO Surfer is not free. It offers a range of pricing plans to fit different needs and budgets. The Hobby plan costs $29/month, the Basic plan costs $59/month, the Pro plan costs $99/month, the Business plan costs $199/month, the Business plan costs $650/month, and the Enterprise plan is custom priced per month.

Is Surfer SEO Review Worth It?

Surfer SEO is worth it for businesses looking to optimize their web pages for better search engine rankings. Surfer SEO offers comprehensive and powerful on-page SEO tools like website speed analysis, mobile responsiveness testing, and usability metrics. These features can help websites improve their performance in organic search engine rankings, resulting in increased visibility and more potential customers.

How Do I Get Surfer SEO?

Getting Surfer SEO is easy. The first step is to visit the website and select the plan that best fits your needs. Once you have chosen a project, you will be taken to a checkout page where you can enter payment information. After payment is processed, you will be emailed a receipt with instructions on accessing the software and content editor.

Once logged in, you can take advantage of Surfer SEO’s features. You can use its comprehensive on-page optimization tools, such as website speed analysis, mobile responsiveness testing, and usability metrics. This suite of tools can help guide users in optimizing their web pages for better search engine rankings and improved visibility.

What Are Surfer SEO Benefits?

Surfer SEO offers a variety of benefits to customers looking to optimize their web pages for better search engine rankings.

With its comprehensive on-page optimization features, such as website speed analysis, mobile responsiveness testing, and usability metrics, users can gain deep insights into the performance of their website in SERPs. This data can help them make decisions leading to improved visibility and more potential customers.

In addition, Surfer SEO’s 30-day money-back guarantee provides customers with added peace of mind when taking risks with marketing decisions.

Knowing that they can request a full refund if they’re not satisfied with their results after using the software within a month of purchase helps them have confidence in investing in something new and growing their online presence.

What is the Minimum Cost of SEO?

The minimum cost of SEO depends on the type of optimization services needed and the expertise required. For basic web page optimization, such as keyword research and on-page analysis, businesses can expect to spend anywhere from $49-$299 monthly. However, more comprehensive optimization packages could cost significantly more depending on the complexity of the project and the level of expertise required. 

For more complex projects like link building or content creation, businesses may need to pay extra for a team of experts specializing in these areas. Additionally, larger companies may need to hire dedicated SEO professionals whose salaries depend on their experience and the project size.

Surfer SEO Customer Support

Surfer SEO offers exceptional customer support for their customers. They have a dedicated team of experts available 24/7 to answer questions and assist with their SEO software. Surfer also provides an extensive library of online tutorials, webinars, and video courses that help users better understand the features and benefits of the platform.

In addition to the above support services, Surfer SEO provides one-on-one consultation with experienced professionals who can offer tailored advice on how businesses can best use the platform to maximize their website’s performance. 

These consultations focus on keyword research, website structure optimization, content creation strategies, link-building techniques, and more.

Surfer SEO is committed to helping its customers succeed by providing them with the tools and resources they need to improve their website’s performance. The company understands that small businesses have a different budget than larger ones and therefore offers flexible pricing plans that accommodate different optimization needs. This allows users to choose a plan that meets their requirements without exceeding the budget.


Is keyword Surfer free?

No, Surfer SEO is not free. They offer flexible pricing plans with varying optimization services tailored to suit different budgets and needs. However, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee so customers can try the software before making any long-term commitments.

Who owns Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is owned by a Polish digital marketing company called Codewise. They provide comprehensive software solutions for website optimization and have been in the industry since 2007. Their goal is to empower their users to maximize search engine visibility and rankings through a combination of technology and expertise.

What’s a good surfer SEO score?

A good score on Surfer SEO will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your website. Different scores are available for other areas of optimization, such as content, technical SEO, and link building.


With its proven track record of success, Surfer SEO is an excellent choice for any business looking to maximize its website’s organic search engine rankings.



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