Traffic and Funnels Client Kit Review – by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans

Traffic and Funnels Client Kit review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Are you trying to find a way to market traffic and funnel system effectively? If you’re a business owner, you must know how difficult it can be to build your own sales funnels. This Traffic and Funnels review will tell you all you need to know Client Kit program structure by Taylor and his business partner, Chris.

Taylor Welch and Chris Evans help build sophisticated sales funnels. This generates tons of leads and influences prospects to make down-funnel buying decisions. This course is of high quality, starting at $9,800 and going up from there, depending on the amount of coaching from the Traffic and Funnels personal training team.

This is another online own money-making course that focuses on sales promoted by Chris Evans and his friend Taylor Welch. Simply put, it’s a how-to course that shows you how to find clients and close deals for them, but you have to do all the searching and closing yourself.

This program includes a 10-week training module that teaches you how to combine all the elements of sales that ultimately leads to higher sales and more money for your business. Currently, access to Client Kit 2.0 is by invitation only after booking a free consultation with the team. From there, they’ll decide if you’re eligible for their program.

So now, let’s look at Taylor Welch and Chris Evans.

Who are Taylor Welch and Chris Evan?

Chris Evans is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author of Intelligent Advertiser, CEO of Wealth Cap Holdings, and co-founder of Traffic and Funnel and three other international companies.

This serial entrepreneur hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, and co-founded Traffic and Funnels training with his friend Taylor Welch in 2015. Before that, he was VP of Digital Marketing at GoDaddy, a well-known domain name provider, and web hosting company.

Chris manages and advises on a $5 million portfolio of income-generating properties related to paid traffic spending.

Taylor Welch is CEO of Traffic and Funnels, author of two bestselling books, international speaker, and creator of sales training programs, salesperson, and Inbound Closer.

In the last five years, he has advised over 50,000 companies and managed the brand of his business model with annual sales of $40 million.

Now that we know the qualifications of the two authors of this Advanced Sales Program let’s look at what this course offers.

What’s Inside The Course?

Module 1: Zero In On 1 Result

Taylor and Chris start the module with the assumption that you already own a business but need to provide high-value services to your customers.

Many entrepreneurs try to fit every product and service in their business into the sales funnel. This collection of products and services at various price points will hit the customer.

Upselling a product or service is good, but in this case, based on Taylor and Chris’ sales and digital marketing experience, this trick has the highest conversion rate because it focuses on the higher-priced items and is more elevated.

There are two main points they’re trying to teach in this module. The first is finding one service to sell to prospective customers.

Taylor and Chris have grown their business exponentially by offering fewer services and focusing on mastering one service.

The second key takeaway from this module is optimizing your sales funnel and developing it further over time.

Here are some tips they shared on making huge profits with their unique high-value services and converting them well. This means tailoring your emails and phone calls to your customers, making them feel special, and prioritizing them.

Now let’s move on to the psychological part, where you need to focus on your client’s pain points to motivate them to take progressive action.

Finally, they emphasize that there is no such thing as a perfect funnel. Still, by continuously updating and updating your funnel, you can improve your funnel and increase your conversion rate every time you can. Building a funnel is a process. Learn how your customers respond to your funnel, build relationships with them, and find out how to optimize your funnel.

Module 2: Zero In On 1 Target Audience

In this module, you define your ideal customer. Once you know your customers, setting up paid traffic to draw attention to your service is easy. Taylor and Chris discuss their four critical pain points for identifying ideal clients:

  • Demographics of your ideal customer: age, gender, education, location.
  • The wants and desires of your ideal client: What does he want for his life and career? What are their dreams and ambitions? How can your service or product help them?
  • Challenges and Obstacles of Your Ideal Client: What are the barriers to achieving your dreams and goals? Lack of information, negative attitudes, etc.?
  • Objections of your ideal customer: Why would they reject your offer or service? Are there better alternatives, or is your request too expensive?

This module provides a customer avatar worksheet. Taylor walks you through using Google and Facebook to gather information about your ideal customer.

Facebook shows how Facebook Business Manager can be used to find all customer demographics and interests. There is an Audience Insights feature that you discover when creating Facebook ad campaigns and planning the cost of advertising.

Google form allows you to conduct research based on customer attributes and behaviors simply by using Google Search. You can also research with Google using the information from Facebook Audience Insights.

Module 3: Build Your Feeder System

So what is the feeder system? This is a webinar funnel. In this module, Taylor will show you how to set up funnels and record quality webinars.

Taylor first explains a sales funnel and some fundamental aspects it should have. He explains that the created traffic portion is the first stream in the sales funnel. Most businesses get their traffic from Facebook ads. This is where you get your ideal customer.

Once your customers are intrigued and addicted to your Facebook ads, the next step is your sales page. The sales page is where the user appears after clicking on your ad. This page lets people learn more about your business and what you offer. This is where we get your payment information and process payments for your listings and services.

Once your order is processed, you’ll be taken to the final page of the primary funnel and the thank you page. This page will notify you that your order has been processed and provide additional information about your offer.

Taylor also talks about the three most common mistakes beginners make in the funnel-building process.

The first mistake most beginners make is trying to build a more fancy and straightforward funnel. An overly complex funnel is where prospects go through too many steps and flow to get to the final offer. This is not good as it negatively impacts conversions. They prefer to keep it simple, as the funnel can be closed with a button.

The second mistake is the need for more traffic to the funnel. Taylor recommends choosing multiple traffic sources besides Facebook. He can use other platforms like Google, Youtube, and Instagram.

The third mistake is the need for a thank you page. Carriers are essential for creating a positive impression of your products and building customer relationships. Leaving customers hanging after purchasing your service funnels or development will make them wonder about the purchase. You are scamming the worst they can think of.

Module 4: Turn On The Faucet

What does turning on the faucet mean? The answer is to set up paid traffic campaigns.

Now that the funnel is set up, the next step is to direct traffic to the funnel. In this module, Taylor and Chris show you how to drive massive traffic down your funnel, primarily through Facebook ads.

The reason they chose to teach Facebook ads is so that they can customize their target interests and demographics. It is the perfect platform for it.

So, first, Taylor and Chris introduce you to Facebook advertising basics and training and how you can use his audience insights to reach your target customers.

They’ll then teach you how to create a high-converting Facebook ad to match your offer. They have a lot to cover in this section, including some of the best Facebook ads to emulate. Lessons include writing Facebook copy, adding compelling images to your offers, the psychology of eye-catching headlines, and more.

The final part of the module covers the three main pillars of a great offer. A good offer effectively grabs a prospect’s attention before they even call or follow up. A risk reversal, bonuses, and a sense of limited supply are three main pillars.

Module 5: Automate & Leverage Your Time

From the module title, this section would be about learning how to automate your funnels and your business, right? They’ll show you how to scale your business using some mistakes you can avoid running your agency up.

The first mistake they made with their agency was not optimizing their funnel. From 2016 to 2018, they used the same webinar funnel for their service. This mistake limited your earning potential as they could upgrade their funnels and increase profits from higher value offers.

The second mistake they mentioned was thinking they would get better results if they worked harder on their business. But then it turned out to be easier to scale as sales snowballed.

Module 6: Bonus Lesson

A bonus lesson for this course is “5 mindset steps you need to take to get from 0 to 1 million in months, not years.”

Quickly build your online business in 5 steps:

First Step: Correct Your Belief System

The first step of the lesson explores the power of positive and significant thinking. To succeed in business, you must change your negative mindset to a positive one.

It’s manageable to reach your goals. Believe you can achieve it. Taylor recommends reading The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz.

Second Step: Know Your Numbers, and sales process

The second step is knowing your number. It would be best if you did that math to make your business profitable and reach your target income goals. Let’s say your income goal is $1 million a year. That means you need to make about $83,000 a month.

How many of these customers do you need to make $83,000 a month? That’s just the income side of the calculation. You also need to know your conversion rate, how many more leads you need to convert to sales, etc.

Third Step: Offer Less, Not More

The third step is to research your business and see the best services you are good at. Chris said his company grew exponentially when he focused only on consulting services.

Offering more can slow down business, so Taylor and Chris suggest niche stores and offering fewer, higher-quality stores.

Fourth Step: Knowing Your Value

In Knowing your value, Chris says most businesses today need to learn their value and often underestimate their products and services.

He knows that if you have self-respect for yourself and your company, your services can help customers so that you can charge a high and reasonable price.

Fifth Step: 10X Your Business Through Comparison

The fifth step lesson is to take responsibility and learn from others instead of judging yourself. When you see your competitor’s business failing while yours is doing well, see where it fell, learn from it, and learn from your competitors.

The key is to adapt to any obstacles and improve your business whenever you encounter a problem. That way, your business is on a path to exponential growth.

Pricing Of The ‘5-Pillar’ System of The ClientKit Workshop

  • High Ticket sales Offer (sell for $3k to $5k)
  • Prepaid Traffic Campaigns (how to run Facebook ads to get high-value clients)
  • Automated Systems (teach your business to run itself)
  • Advanced Sales rep strategies (how to get people to pay up to $15k for your expertise)

The 10-week training program unlocks access to training modules that will show you how to put together all the pieces of a high-value customer program. It also opens access to the Platinum Mastermind Group to help keep all the elements firmly (and correctly) in place. Also, a coaching call with them (once a week) ensures that you have a finished top-notch product, a robust marketing strategy system, and everything you need to build your business without all the headaches (and costs) that come with it.

Elements included in this paid traffic program:

  • How to target clients to be the perfect fit for your optimized & unique offer
  • Email copy
  • How to track and optimize for profit
  • Ad copy for filling your funnel
  • Setting up your automation
  • Crafting your high-ticket offer
  • Landing page copy
  • Delivering your client services with automated systems
  • Setting up Facebook ads to generate a consistent stream of high-value clients

Pros and Cons


  •  Affordable; Great value for more money
  •  More likely to work out
  •  Invaluable tips and advice
  •  Good training program and services
  •  Active community in a private Facebook group; Fantastic way to connect and learn


  • It comes with upsell options
  • Will require you to avail them in all likelihood

Is Traffic and Funnels a scam?

Traffic and funnels is not a scam. It is a legitimate platform that offers precisely what it claims. According to some online reviews, there are a lot of mixed opinions about this program.

Most negatives focus on the pushy sales tactics they use when planning their schedule and talking to someone on the phone about this program.

Some people find it very pleasant, while others do not. The high price can scare people away from this offer, especially beginners.

Who is Traffic and Funnels program for?

It’s for people who already have a skill or a service they can provide.

  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • Other professional services

Should you buy Client Kit 2.0?

Chris and Tayler have put together a great course to help you build a quality funnel to grow your business. To get the most out of this course, it is important that you currently have a profitable business. Chris and Taylor are great consultants who give great insight and advice on bringing in more clients. You can go with this course if you’re stuck with paid traffic.

What is a Client Kit?

Taylor and Chris created this program to help you build a funnel and ultimately find a buyer.

In this program, you will learn the following:

  • Create Service Funnels with a Webinar
  • Create your customer avatar
  • Starting with your ultimate goal
  • Use automation (only 4 hours per week)
  • Personal Training
  • Live Streams Through Facebook Ads

Quick Stats On T&F

  • Company Name: Traffic and Funnels (T&F)
  • Website:, Copyright 2021
  • Founders: Chris Evans and Taylor Welch
  • Type of Business: Advertising
  • Cost: $49 plus upsells
  • Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Final Thoughts on this traffic and funnels course

This Traffic and Funnels review lets you know that this is legit and not a scam. Unlike many other expensive courses, Taylor Welch and Chris Evans’s solution has shown that they know what they are talking about regarding advertising and can learn from their strategies.

The only concern with traffic and funnels is that you must pay a lot for upselling before generating revenue. It is possible to construct a thriving online business that does.

Don’t get me wrong, the value and coaching they provide are excellent, but I can only imagine people paying nearly $10,000 for an online course and coaching.

I hope this Traffic and Funnels review resolves all your doubts, and you can decide.



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