Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review – Is the Spencer Mecham’s Course Worth It?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review

Do you want to venture into affiliate marketing? There is such a wealth of information on the Internet that it can be overwhelming to learn how to begin.

Many aspiring marketers fail because even though they try something they learned in blogs or on social media, they did not get all the information to apply it well.

The affiliate marketing world is fascinating, and it has the potential to change for the better shortly. But just as there are multiple stories of success, there are also stories of aspiring affiliate marketers that were unable to succeed.

To ace affiliate marketing, you need plenty of passion and commitment. On the other hand, the proper instructor and tools to walk confidently towards success.

affiliate secrets 3.0

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 by Spencer Mecham


Today we will review the popular Affiliate Secrets 3.0 to identify its ups and downs so you can determine whether it is the option to educate yourself in affiliate marketing.

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What Are the Best Platforms For Selling Digital Products?

Who Is Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham

He is the founder of Buildapreneur, a community, and platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can learn the tools and skills they need to succeed online and create a positive income. However, he is renowned for being the first ClickFunnels affiliate who earned a million dollars.

Spencer has also built our reputation as the creator of multiple courses to educate people on finding the dream of a passive income or a successful online business.

He is also a YouTube personality with over 83,000 subscribers and The Mastermind behind but affiliate Secrets 3.0 program. Thanks to his success as an affiliate marketer and content creator Spencer comfortably retired at age 31.

What is Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is a progressive affiliate marketing training that covers the skills to become a successful affiliate marketer. The program walks you through the entire process of your affiliate marketing business, like selecting your niche, testing and corroborating your business idea, launching it, and automating the process so you can have a constant and reliable source of income.

According to its creator, he works to maintain the course content up to date and in compliance with the ever-evolving marketing world.

It is fundamental to mention that every time the program receives an update, the price increases, and there is no way of knowing what the price will be in the next update.

The course has popularity and reputation among affiliate marketers who want to boost their affiliate campaigns. It has to do with the success stories of the graduates.


Who is Affiliate Secrets 3.0 for?

  • Anyone willing to invest time and effort to build an affiliate business.
  • People who look forward to building a long-term positive income through affiliate marketing.
  • Employees looking to leave their office jobs to begin their businesses.

Who Should Stay Away from Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

  • People who are looking for an easy way to make a quick buck.
  • The ones who are not willing to put in the energy and effort for at least half a year.
  • People who are not open to learning new skills and exploring new commercial fields.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 pricing

First of all, let me tell you that this program is expensive. The current price is $1,497.

However, there are payment plans available, the three months payment plan costs $600 per month, and the eight months payment plan costs $197 per month.

Though it seems expensive, it compares to similar courses such as the blog growth engine by Adam Enfroy.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so users can try it risk-free.

What Will You Learn In Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is structured in eight modules to provide drop-by-drop training to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Setting Up Your Business

The introductory module is about the structure of your future business and buyer because building solid bases is fundamental for every business venture.

In this section of the course, you learn to shift your mindset to believe in your business idea to draw your route from the beginning.

Finding Your Niche

A common concern for young is generating traffic, attracting leads, and converting those leads into sales.

In this part of the course, Spencer helps you identify your ideal customers to understand what you need to find them and convert them into loyal customers.

This section also helps you understand the most solid niches from the initial stages of your venture so you can build a successful affiliate marketing empire.

Identifying Your Product

Once you have identified your niche, it is time to walk to the second step of the Affiliate Secrets 3.0 program, which requires joining Affiliate programs to drive traffic to your links.

In this section, spencer helps you find the perfect products to promote. It is the section where you discover what you will be selling.

Do not be disappointed because there is only one video in this section of the Affiliate Secrets course it is enough to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the products for your business.

Lead Magnets for Affiliates

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a lead magnet is a marketing funnel to drive leads into your sales funnel by gifting something.

In exchange for the gift, your customers provide you with their email, and later you can reach them via email marketing campaigns.

The most popular lead magnets are downloadable resources like free books, checklists, cheat sheets, previews for a course, etc.

It is a fair exchange of information that helps you generate quality leads.

With Spencer’s guidance, you can create the lead magnets to sell your affiliate products to build your business assets growing an email list to have an archive of potential customers to promote your offers and products.

Spencer is famous for being the first to win a million dollars using ClickFunnels, so he has solid expertise and a background in this area.

Landing Pages

In the fourth module, Spencer reveals what makes a landing page unique and engaging.

In the five videos that make up this section, you’ll learn all you need to know about  the most popular landing page builders. Spencer talks about bridge pages, bridge page scripts, split testing, and pop-ups.

This section has an assignment that you have to complete to continue to the next step of the affiliate secrets 3.0 program.

Email Marketing for Affiliates

As an experienced marketer, you know the importance of an email list, and if you are a beginner, you have probably heard of it.

Considering you don’t own the product, and don’t have direct control over the checkout process of your affiliate products, your email list is one of your most valuable assets as an affiliate marketer.

When you want to promote on social media, growing and scaling your business is difficult because you’re constantly building on top of someone else’s business.

The fifth module of the affiliate Secrets program dives deeper into email marketing. Learn from an expert email marketer. There is so much to learn about email marketing and email automation that this is the longest section of the course.

The Bonuses

Bonuses help you incentivize your customers and they have the potential to generate more sales.

A bonus is a product you give away to people who use your affiliate link to purchase a particular product.

Using three video lessons, spencer teaches you to craft bonus offers focusing on how and when to use them, he also teaches you the bonuses that generate higher commissions, bonus landing pages, and some extra resources.

JV Launches

JV is the acronym for Joint Venture Partners and is an affiliate marketer who partners with a product owner during its launch to drive more traffic.

The benefits for JVs may include priority access due to their online presence and it is a profitable strategy for affiliate marketers.

In this module, Spencer shares his JV launch secrets and teaches you what you need to drive traffic as a Joint Venture Affiliate and start making money from product launches.

Become Accessible

Some people like to see this part of the course as a bonus because it is not directly related to marketing, but in Spencer’s experience, it makes wonders for your marketing business.

In this part of the course, he teaches you how creating personal access to you in sharing your time with your customers can help you grow your business through networking and recommendations.

Paid Advertisement

It is the section where spencer discusses all paid ads. He gives you a Master Class on Google Adwords. In this part of the affiliate secrets 3.0 program, he tells you how to conduct your campaigns on Google ads through 11 different lessons.

By the end of this section, you will be able to set up your campaign, launch your ads and use advanced reporting techniques.

The Second Part of The Program

Once you finish this first part of the program, it is time for part two, which is dedicated to social media affiliate marketing strategy and offers in-depth information about specific platforms like Facebook, TickTock, and YouTube.

Facebook Organic Strategies

Facebook has become an excellent place for affiliate offers, and to some experts, it is the fast lane to making money online. Offering valuable content and interacting with groups and communities is a strategy to reach a bigger audience for your affiliate products.

The first module for the second part of the course provides the tactics you need to generate enough organic traffic tools for your products on Facebook.

YouTube for Affiliates

Spencer is an expert in building and monetizing YouTube channels as an affiliate marketer.

He divides the content into 23 lessons to teach you the importance of YouTube as a search engine, the type of content you should create, SEO for your videos, and other relevant content for YouTube.

Affiliate Marketers and TikTok

Affiliates have found a gold mine in TikTok. Being the expert he is, spencer turned his TikTok into an excellent tool for affiliates. Using his experience, he teaches you the art of monetizing and growing your TikTok as an affiliate in this part of his course.

Affiliate Marketing for Facebook Groups

Affiliate marketers can benefit from Facebook groups to grow their communities and build their brands with unique content to captivate leads and generate more sales and revenue.

In this part of affiliate Secrets 3.0, you learn spencer’s hacks to make the most of your Facebook groups.

Blogging and SEO Affiliate Marketing

This part of the affiliate Secrets program is in charge of Nate McCallister. The section has over 50 video lessons on everything related to creating and growing your affiliate blog using SEO.

Are There Other Affiliate Marketing Courses?

Yes, there are more alternatives to Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets program, some of them are:

Digital Worth Academy

This affiliate marketing course covers keyword research, SEO, content marketing, and much more. It is an online-based program and provides a comprehensive overview of the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

This course focuses on teaching its users how to create a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch. It covers topics such as choosing a niche, creating a website, and finding good affiliate programs.

Clickbank University

It is a comprehensive course on affiliate marketing offered by Clickbank. It covers topics such as setting up your affiliate business, choosing an effective niche, and understanding the basics of affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate System

It is primarily for people with no experience in online business or affiliate marketing and is best suited for those looking to learn the basics before quickly moving on to more advanced training.

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

This course helps its users create a successful affiliate marketing business. It covers topics like choosing the right products, setting up a website, and finding the best affiliate programs.

Wrapping Up

Most affiliate marketing courses cover the basics of the industry, such as how to get started, create your website, find and promote products, and how track commissions. Affiliate Secrets 3.0 offers a comprehensive library of resources to help you customize your strategies and generate more revenue.

The progressive video tutorials and checklists along with the insider tips from successful affiliates, help users maximize their profits.

The focus on leveraging social media marketing, email marketing, and other cutting-edge strategies adds value to this affiliate marketing course.

All things considered, it is an attractive offer. But the price is expensive for beginners, which is a discouraging factor.

On an objective level, the course is not a scam because it delivers the content it promises, but success will depend on your commitment, discipline, and perseverance.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is not a magic pill, check all your options and enjoy your affiliate marketing journey.



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