Clickfunnels vs Simvoly Review – Discover the Best Sales Funnel Builder for Your Business

Click funnels vs simvoly

Without a sales funnel, it would be impossible to sell anything online.

Sales funnels are fundamental in online marketing. They help you funnel traffic from your website to your sales pages. And from your sales pages to your cash register.

A sales funnel uses a series of steps to lead visitors from your website to your sales pages.

The first step is your website homepage, where you put your main sales page.

The home page should be attractive and user-friendly. Include high-quality content relevant to your target audience.

Next, you will want to create a landing page to capture leads from your homepage.

The landing page needs a clear call to action. Add compelling content to make your visitors want to learn more about your product.

After they clicked on the landing page, you should send them to your sales page. This page must have clear instructions to buy the product, and live customer reviews and testimonials.

The final step is your checkout page, to close your sale.

A sales funnel is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. By using one, you can help your business grow faster and reach new heights. If you’re not using one, now is the time to start. You won’t regret it!

Today, I will compare ClickFunnels vs. Simvoly feature by feature. If you are trying to determine the best tool for your funnels and sales page, read on.

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Clickfunnels is a Saas tool available for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs aiming to increase their sales and revenue by implementing cleverly crafted marketing tools and strategies.



Simvoly provides businesses and digital marketers with software and tools to build websites, manage and monitor sales processes, and process ecommerce operations on a centralized platform.

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Clickfunnels Overview

clickfunnels website

Clickfunnels is a Saas tool available for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs aiming to increase their sales and revenue by implementing cleverly crafted marketing tools and strategies.

Despite your business size, Clickfunnels can become an excellent addition to your ecommerce toolkit.

The platform offers a comprehensive environment and easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools to help you create all kinds of funnels for your business in minutes.

Who Can Use Clickfunnels?

The product aims to help businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, content creators, marketers, agencies, and bloggers build sales funnels and landing pages.

The platform offers many integrations for marketers to customize their operations center. The benefits of using an ecommerce builder are limitless.

Simvoly Overview

Simvoly provides businesses and digital marketers with software and tools to build websites, manage and monitor sales processes, and process ecommerce operations on a centralized platform.

Create and operate your ecommerce store, add your products, design your sales forms and automate recurring payments with one tool. Among its numerous features, we can list membership management tools, appointment scheduling, lead generation, custom forms, personalized profiles for your customers, automation of recurring payments, and more.

Simvoly integrates with multiple third-party tools and applications like PayPal, Stripe, and Payfast, to name a few.

You can opt for the annual or monthly subscription, and their customer support is available via chat, phone, and email.

simvoly website

Who Can Use Simvoly?

Simvoly offers an all-in-one ecommerce solution for ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs.

This comprehensive web development package includes a website builder, online store features, sales funnels, membership areas, shopping carts, and native CRM features to boost sales conversions.

It may be your best choice if you own online stores and want to include funnel components.

Typical customers of Simvoly include

  • Freelancers, large companies, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and public administration, among others.

Clickfunnels Vs Simvoly Key Features Comparison

Like in every good battle, there is no better way to discover which contender is stronger than with a one-on-one comparison.

For this Clickfunnels Vs Simvoly review, I will consider the key features of this type of platform. Discover the best characteristics of both ecommerce software platforms, and valuable insights to help you select the best one for your marketing requirements.

Pricing Plans

When comparing marketing tools, you always want to understand which one offers more value for your money.

Compare the global price and the features included in every tier of their plans.


You have three pricing options to get on board with Clickfunnels. You can also opt for a free 14-day trial to confirm the platform performs like you expect and fulfills all your requirements.

The entry-level for Clickfunnles is the Basic Plan ($147 monthly) you access a website, up to 20 funnels, an admin user, a domain, up to 3 courses, up to 1,000 students, 10,000 contacts, unlimited workflows, unlimited pages, unlimited products, unlimited email sequence, and basic analytics.

The level in the middle is the Pro Plan ($197 monthly) you access a website, up to 100 funnels, 5 admin users, 3 domains, up to 15 courses, up to 10,000 students, 25,000 contacts, unlimited workflows, unlimited pages, unlimited products, unlimited email, basic analytics, affiliate program, API access, share funnels, themes editor, CF1 maintenance mode plan.

The highest level is for the Funnel Hacker Plan (297 monthly) you access 3 websites, unlimited funnels, 15 admin users, 9 domains, up to 200 courses, up to 20,000 students, 200,000 contacts, unlimited workflows, unlimited pages, unlimited products, unlimited email sequences, advanced analytics, affiliate program, API access, share funnels, themes editor and CF1 maintenance mode plan.

When you subscribe to the annual subscription you can benefit from the discount and save up to $3,468/year, depending on your plan.

Simvoly Pricing

Simvoly pricing plan starts as low as $18 per month (month-to-month plan), you can opt for the monthly subscription or the annual subscription. Save 33% on the personal plan and 25% on the upper-tier plans by paying for the annual subscription.

The starter Plan ($18/month) is the personal plan and it gives you a website, a funnel, and a custom domain.

The Business Plan ($36/month) gives you a website, 5 funnels, and up to 6 custom domains.

The Growth Plan ($69/month) comes with the upgrade for up to 20 funnels and up to 21 custom domains.

The Pro Plan ($179/month), and apart from the exclusive features that come with the plan you get 3 websites, unlimited funnels, and unlimited custom domains.

Simvoly Annual Discount Simvoly is 33% off the personal plan or 25% off the upper-tier plans.


I consider integrations a valuable feature and a fundamental element when selecting commerce platforms and tools, after all each case and market are different, and I want to have options to customize and adapt the tools to fit my requirements.

Whether you are a beginner digital commerce entrepreneur or an experienced online marketer, integrations make a substantial difference when selecting your toolkit.


Clickfunnels emerged in the market as innovators. Their objective is, to be at the top of the sales funnel solutions, outranking everyone else.

Accordingly, they invest a respectable amount of resources in third-party-tool integrations to, offer marketers the opportunity to customize the platform to their specific requirements.

The most remarkable integrations are with email marketing tools like Actionetics, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Aweber, MailChimp, HTML forms, and more.

It has other valuable integrations, like Zapier + Webhooks, membership software, payment processing software, analytics, webinar software, SMS/texting software, bot software, calendar tools, and custom integrations / API.


The focus of this product is on ecommerce solutions. It integrates with payment software but lacks integrations with other tools. The good news is they integrate with Zapier, so if your software is not on the list, use Zapier.

They have some email marketing integrations, like ActiveCampaign, Aweber, MailChimp, and HTML forms.

Other integrations are, Zapier + Webhooks, payment processing software, analytics tools, and custom Integrations / API.

Page Builder

A reliable and user-friendly page builder is fundamental, especially for solopreneurs and beginner digital marketers who are in charge of the entire business operations by themselves. It is a factor you want to consider when comparing tools because it can potentially save you a decent amount of stress and money.


Landing pages can become your best-converting strategy. As opposed to a website where your prospect can get lost and distracted.

Using Clickfunnels you can make engaging landing pages built for different campaigns and purposes. You can also test different versions of your landing pages to identify which sales funnels convert better.

A landing page is also an excellent way to nurture your audience because you can invite them to special training, a free download, a webinar or online event, and more. The platform has around 100 built-in templates,

However, Clickfunnels is for sale funnels, so it lacks a full e-commerce store builder.


Simvoly has a simple and efficient drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to change fonts, colors, and layouts with a few clicks.

Using Simvoly is easy to create a customized and professional-looking page for your business.

When you use the page builder, there is no need to design from zero because Simvoly has an extensive library of templates.

All you have to do is pick your favorite design and customize it to fit your liking or brand identity.

Simvoly has a split A/B testing tool to help you identify which page converts better, so you can always choose the winning strategy for your business.

Sales Funnel Builder

If you are not using funnels, you are missing the opportunity to run your business successfully.

Play the digital marketing game right and improve your sales process and income.

Do not miss the chance to turn your leads into customers using high converting sales funnels.


As I said before, Clickfunnels is mainly about building sale funnels.

The platform takes its brand seriously, and the developers created the environment and tools that enable you to create your sales funnels quickly. Even if you do not have experience or expert-level knowledge.

The steps are simple and easy to follow.

The first thing is selecting the purpose of your sales funnel. It could be generating leads, sales, or inviting to online events.

You can host your webinar on third-party software or host it forever within Clickfunnels.

Once you decide, the tool automatically sets up the pages you need to fulfill your objectives.

Experienced marketers can customize certain aspects to fulfill a specific purpose nevertheless, in most cases, using the sales funnel templates is the best way to save time, effort, and money.


Go beyond the traditional landing page and create your sales funnel with Simvoly. Rethink your sales strategy and convert more suing funnels. Simvoly funnel builder enables you to customize your checkout pages, set up one-click upsells, and access detailed analytics on your traffic.

If you do not know how your funnel should look, create multiple versions of your site and run an A/B test to identify the best-performing version.


Membership sites are a good source of income for every online business. If you are thinking about building membership sites to increase your revenue, do not forget to include this feature in your list.


When using the platform you will be able to add membership content to your site using your Clickfunnel dashboard. You even get a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate membership content, though you can benefit from this feature, it could use some improvement. It is not a remarkable feature if compared with other tools of the platform.


Consider that the features depend on the level of your subscription. When using Simvoly you have the option to build a membership site where you can host courses, tutorials, special events, and more.

As part of your membership, you can access tips and tutorials on the tools to create these sites. If you wish, you can offer exclusive members-only content for your audience.

Marketing Features

This a feature that has to be in a Clickfunnels Vs Simvoly comparison. You want to automate as many aspects of your business as possible to plan your strategies wisely and with the proper tools.


Clikfunels has a respectable reputation among the platforms for sales and marketing solutions. The reasons are numerous, to name a few of Clickfunnels offers


For this feature, Simvoly is at disadvantage. The tools are not as extensive as the ones Clickfunnels provide.

The software does not support email auto-responses, but it has other tools that provide value for the price. Like affiliate tracking, split testing, and built-in CRM.



Having total visibility of your business performance is fundamental for your marketing strategies and success.

When you use ClickFunnels, you can access a dashboard that provides real-time analytics on the performance of your sales funnels. Customize your reports to filter only the data that interests you and adjust your strategies.

It is like having a 360 vision of your sales funnels because you can see how it converts in all your websites.

The value of Clickfunnels analytics tools lies in how easy it is to optimize your sales funnels with the data you can collect for your analysis.

The real-time collection of information will help you quickly identify the weaknesses in your marketing strategy. So you can come up with better strategies for your sales funnels.


Again, it is fundamental to stay vigilant for every aspect of your business and know where your revenue comes from.

Get to know more about your sales, customers, and other aspects of your ecommerce analytics.

Simvoly has you covered because it offers the essential detailed analytics for the online store without the need to set up your analytics from zero.

The platform does the hard work for you.

Course Builder


The course builder has an attractive interface and professionally designed templates.

Host your video lessons and rest assured because the software will optimize and secure all your videos.

Honestly, the learning curve is low, create your lessons and course using the default editor without previous experience.

Other benefits of the course builder are


Although it does not work like the popular course-building platforms (Teachable, kajabi, kartra, etc.) Simvoly’s platform lets you create online courses.

There is a notable difference you must pay attention to, using this platform you build your online course from the front end.

It means you will have to build the main page for your course, linking to categories and each page manually. Make the page accessible only to registered members or a specific public.

It is an appealing feature for experienced marketers because it allows customizations.

Simvoly does not include video hosting, so if your content has videos, pay for external hosting. There is also a notable lack of assessments, scheduling, lesson drips, and other features found on other popular e-commerce platforms for courses and training.

Blogging Tools

Content marketing is the best ally of your business. Consider incorporating it into your marketing strategies but using the appropriate tools, or else blogging can become a time-consuming task leading to nowhere.


Is it a funnel builder with blogging tools? – Yes, that is correct!

Finding this functionality proves that Clickfunnels is committed to becoming an all-in-one solution for all your requirements.

Blogging is part of current business strategies, having native tools to help with your content marketing strategies and blogging efforts is a plus for Clickfunnels.

The Clickfunnels blogging tool has a user-friendly interface, and it helps you build SEO-optimized content from the beginning.


Although you can blog on Simvoly, the platform does not offer many of the functionalities of a regular content management system.

The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Edit the header and sidebar for a cohesive look for your site.

The tool is not optimized for SEO.

Alternatives to Clickfunnels and Simvoly

If our Clickfunnels Vs Simvoly showdown made you discard both platforms, here is a list of options for you to consider.

  • Kartra
  • LeadPages
  • Podia
  • kajabi

Does this service offer guides, tutorials, and or customer support?

Yes, both platforms have resources to help you get started and guide you through the entire process.

Clickfunnels and Simvoly offer straightforward, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow resources to help you find answers quickly.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, both products look similar and share some features however, at their core, the slight differences are the ones that will help you decide which product is better for your business.

Use Clickfunnels

The Clickfunnels platform is used to create sales funnels and build landing pages. It is the ideal platform for businesses of any size looking to convert leads to sales using marketing strategies and tools.

Use Simvoly

Simvoly is used to build websites, funnels, and e-commerce stores. Simvoly is the best candidate for an all-in-one marketing solution.

All things considered, both platforms have strengths and extraordinary tools and features. Consider your specific requirements before subscribing to one of them.

Do not be afraid to use the free trial, is still the best way to explore the tool and find out what the software can do.

Did you make up your mind?

Let me know in the comment section.



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