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For most companies globally, tracking advertising is essential for the growth of the business and its profitability. This tracker is used to determine what’s going wrong. Most tracking on Facebook – by advertisers or by outside tracking – will be useless to your organization. Hyros saves it. Hyros ad tracking helps businesses track their ad traffic without errors. Do you know the effectiveness of the advertising monitoring tool on your site? Let us look at Hyros more thoroughly.

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Hyros tracks exactly how ad campaigns generate leads for digital businesses. Once you become a customer, Hyros assists in integrating customer analytics into a company’s operations. It then displays important statistics about your advertisement, in your Hyros back office. 

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Hyros CEO Alex Becker

Hyros is owned and managed by Alex Becker. Alex has a dog that lives in Austin, Texas. Alex had previously worked for Hyros as a digital educator. He also offered high-quality education to businesses to help them grow and prosper financially. He saw the possibility of service business scaling and realized better advertising tracking was needed throughout all digital advertising. It inspired him to start ‘Hyros’ and launch it. The future for Alex Becker Hyros is unknown at this point. It’s also very effective in advertising.

Company & Culture

This company only hires top-quality workers to grow and scale a good business. The Hyros business unit has the most qualified staff. They like what the company offers their clients. Cultures within company activities are fun, open, and enjoyable. Founders represent the business. Hyros is a data platform that tracks Google Ads clicks and all your other traffic sources. Gain more customers and expand your business.

Why is Alex Becker’s Hyros created?

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Alex Becker was a successful businessman. His skills as a media buyer cost him over $10,000. Besides Facebook and Google, they also used the funds for advertising their product. He realized there were no suitable cross-platform trackers. In short, the lack of this tool caused Alex to miss several opportunities. Eventually, the man realized he needed to make tracking software for his problem. So Hyros came into his existence.

What does Hyros do with advertising campaigns?

Hyros tracks exactly how ad campaigns generate leads for digital businesses. Once you become a customer, Hyros assists in integrating customer analytics into a company’s operations. It then displays important statistics about your advertisement, in your Hyros back office. You can then see some of the important metrics/information. This highly detailed monitoring helps Hyros get your brand clear and consistent advertising. Improved tracking helps you make more sales and increase profits.


1. Hyros Email tracking

Hyros is amazing at catching your emails. Hyros is a simple email marketing solution. Easy to set up, 360-degree viewing is provided for all emails you send. It is easy for you to install Hyros immediately. The Hyros app tracks emails and then separates and segments the emails. Aside from that, you can easily differentiate your organic email from paid traffic. The result is clear. You can see which emails lead to your subscriber registering for the newsletter and you can also see who mailed it. Afterward, you can see the E-mail that gets them to buy from you through your website.

2. Accurate tracking and reporting

Hyros helps to see your entire customer journey. It takes information from various touch points to show which campaign produces a maximum Return on Investment. Added chrome extensions make setup extremely straightforward. The Hyros extension requires two clicks for installation. It can also be found in your Facebook Ads dashboard or Google Ads. Hyros AI learns surprisingly fast in the process. Unlike other systems, a data mining platform collects data in 10 different places. It will become stronger and easier to understand what you need and where to start.

3. Track ads accurately and long-term

It is possible to monitor ads in Hyros with just the same dashboard. Hyros collect data sourced from various sources on a centralized platform. Hyros is a much better product since finding a user using Fb pixel is increasingly difficult. Facebook Pixel is used but it has several disadvantages. Facebook pixel’s tracking data is only 80% precise. So, Hyros arrives. The data can be compared better than Fb pixels and other multiple platforms. The Fb Pixel failed in tracking the conversion of tickets. Hyros’ work could have been done flawlessly. Hyros can monitor data over time. Without Hyros you would be burning thousands in wasted ad spend every month.

4. Track calls

In closing high-ticket conversions, it is common to contact clients by phone. This type of client can often be difficult to convince, but closing requires a personal touch. Hyros can even monitor calls via email and sales funnels. It is also possible for Hyros to see the call history on the monitor’s header. It can be integrated with many popular scheduling systems available on the market. The company claims it can track incoming calls despite a year of service for you.

5. Make your ads AI smarter

Facebook as well as Google use artificial intelligence to locate customers in effective ways. They have Artificial Intelligence, which can only function on their data transmission. HYROS collects data and also uploads all the tracking details, enabling advertisers to quickly learn and more effectively find customers at a much-reduced cost.

6. Hyros Chrome Extension & App

Hyros is downloadable via Chrome Extension. Only users can use this chrome Extension properly. It will help you understand accurate data quickly and efficiently. This report lets you easily track what ads generate from metrics. Hyros’ platform enables advertisers to track their incoming ads transparently and clearly.

7. Hyros Affiliate Program

Yeah. Hyros has an affiliate system with two levels. Then it means you can earn money when you refer a customer to Hyros, and by referring another affiliate to advertise Hyros to them. Hyros Affiliates: 30% commissions for each charge incurred for a second year. 2nd Tier Hyros Affiliates: 15% commissions for affiliate repaid earnings. Hyros rewards people with a platform they have shared with other users.

Hyros pricing and costs

Hyros costs anywhere from $500 to $500 per month, depending on what revenues you generate. Prices will rise further when you generate more income. The prices for Hyros have reached this point as it is guaranteed to raise your revenue in the range of 20%. Hyros works with businesses that spend between $10,000 and $40,000 a year on advertisements. Buying a Hyros can make a huge impact. You must become a Hyros customer now if you can meet their basic require their work.

To offer the best possible service, HYROS has a strict invited approach. Its claims apply only to businesses belonging to certain industries. For further knowledge on a platform, you can schedule an initial test to see how the platform would perform in your situation. It offers customers a 90-day refund guarantee.

Hyros Refund Policy

It’s decided that Hyros will increase his offering and his confidence. You may receive a refund within 90 days when you become a Hyros customer. This refund policy is a benefit Hyros has obtained and maintained. The Business Can Trust Hyros to Give The Best Of It! If you do not increase your AD ROI by at least 20% you do not pay and Hyros refunds you. Please remember, the Guarantee does not apply if your customer needs it.

Who are Hyros competitors?

Hyros has several competitors, but just one is notable in the market. Let me know if they’ve got the same differences and what is the perfect fit.

Hyros vs Wicked Reports

Wicked Report targets smaller companies than Alltrack. Prices range from $200 to $280 monthly. You can also get customized plans from Wicked Report. What makes Hyros different from Wicked reports are customer care and service levels. It seems like Hyros has better helpers than Wicked Reports does. Hyros is committed to helping customers solve their problems effectively.

Hyros vs Anytrack

Anytrack services similar to Hyros are aimed at small businesses. All Track pricing starts at $50 and goes as high as $300 yearly. You will always know the cost when you buy any track.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions regarding these tracking companies. Here’s the most common question I hear.

Is Google allowed to use its tracking software?

Yes, every media format or website will allow tracking of this software which can track the performance of Google advertising and monetize it with a simple Google search engine. This is a very impressive platform for google analytics. All advertisers have a unique integration mechanism.

Is Hyros compatible with Clickfunnels?

Yes, Hyros integrates with all the most popular web design software.

Does HYROS track email marketing?

HYROS integrates with virtually every imaginable email system. These marketing tools allow you to track any email or other details you want.

Can HYROS data be displayed in the Ad Manager?

Yes. Here in that platform, it is possible to easily send your data directly into a custom column in ad management and then see your results in conjunction directly with your normal advertisement metrics.

Is it hard to set up a business with a lot of custom factors?

The platform claims it can detect tracking systems in almost any format. It plugs in almost everything based on your business’s specific needs, irrespective of its size or scope.

Is Hyros legit?

Hyros has a legal name. It is the most accurate advertising monitoring system in existence. This is an honest corporation that provides excellent customer service and employees. Tracking can be used to measure the performance and effectiveness of a company’s email marketing strategy.



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