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As you might know, AI copywriters can create all your content in less time and at a fraction of the cost. You can’t even tell a natural person didn’t write it. It is also completely original and SEO optimized. 


In this article, we will talk about seven of the most popular AI copywriters to see precisely what they can do and find out which tools make them the best. We’ll also discuss what AI copywriting is, how does it work, and what you can do with AI copywriting tools.


What Is AI Copywriting?


AI copywriting software uses machine learning and natural language processing to create text that adheres to a specific format, style, and tone.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms “learn” by processing vast amounts of data and finding patterns in that data. Then use that data to generate content. Content is calculated as statistically likely results based on input from users using the software.


AI copywriting uses a complex algorithm called natural language processing (NLP). This allows machine learning to process human language and generate near-perfect sentences every time.


NLP software was developed via a platform called OpenAI. With this platform, you can create fantastic text content for your website or in-depth articles. So basically a writing superhero. NLP is used in many computer programs we use daily; Siri, Alexa, and Google all use NLP to help them understand spoken directions. Google Translate uses NLP for translating, and customer service chatbots use NLP to answer questions.

What Are AI Copywriting Software Tools?

In a straightforward way, the AI copywriter tool is a software application that lets users enter parameters and text, which AI algorithms use to understand the context and required format. From now on, generate content relevant to your topic and context in the desired format. 


AI generated text can be almost anything, but most focus on content marketing and e-commerce content, as Social media posts, ad copy, blog posts, SEO meta descriptions, and product descriptions.


How Does AI Copywriting Work?


The basic working process is as follows:


  • First, you need to provide the required data and set the parameters. This can include content types, topics, subheadings, and character limits. 
  • AI tools now apply machine learning and natural language processing models to input and online data to generate new ideas and texts. 
  • You will need to edit the output to make ensure it is natural and error-free. 
  • Finally, you can download or copy the text from the tool and freely use the AI-generated copy.


Various AI-based writing assistants provide suggestions to make your writing understandable and error-free. Tools like this can be used with AI copywriting tools for the best results.


Pick The Best AI Copywriting Software


This ideal tool helps you create original, reliable, and error-free content quickly, conveniently, and inexpensively for various purposes. So when choosing a tool, look for the following quality at an affordable price:

  • The ability to write a variety of content, including advertising copy, emails, social posts, blogs, website content, product descriptions, etc. 
  • Easy to process results.
  • High performance with minimal grammatical or contextual errors Accuracy.
  • Ability to produce precise, easy-to-read, high-quality content.
  • High processing speed, advanced machine learning, natural language processing models.
  • Ability to generate accurate ideas and content. 
  • Advanced proofreading and real-time Sentence Suggestions. 
  • Easy to use with a simple user interface.
  • Ability to automatically research large amounts of information. 
  • Built-in search engine optimization.
  • Good customer reviews and ratings.



Some AI copywriting software generates new ideas for topics, social media posts, and short form content, while others focus on improving written content. The best AI copywriting software can produce legible and coherent writing that sounds like a real person wrote it.


To find the best AI writing software for your needs, consider what you are looking for in the tool. to choose the best AI copywriting software, there are a some things to keep in mind, depending on whether you want to write long-form content, sales copy, or content enhancement.


The best AI copywriting software can provide solutions for those who want to create their content without the hassle. 


List of 7 different AI tools that we believe can help you start this process: 


  1. Jasper AI

Jasper is one of the best copywriting tools because its comprehensive SEO content creation and optimization features. This is a recently launched tool that is rapidly expanding its capabilities. 


It has 25 languages, plus 50 templates, and uses different copywriting methods to create additional SEO content. Additionally, Jasper has a built-in grammar and plagiarism checker to improve output quality. 


With the correct input, Jasper can provide a high level of automation to make the author’s job easier. And Its Boss Mode also offers additional content optimization features for even better results. However, this tool is hard to learn quickly and is not affordable if you want more content.


Jasper AI Best Features


Boss Mode is Jasper’s ultimate feature that lets you type faster with advanced commands and unlimited words. Make blog posts and well-written books with ‘power mode’ that allows you to use different marketing templates in the same page editor. Users can create complete video scripts, including series and episodes, in boss mode.


Jasper AI has integration with Surfer SEO, so you can easily rank your articles in search-engines.


Surfer SEO is the keyword research tool that creates content outlines and seed keywords for writing. This is the best duo for your business, as you can scale your content production by writing quality articles with Jasper, and everyday users can use his Surfer SEO to enrich their posts with relevant topics.


Pricing Plans


  • Free Trial: 5 days (credit card needed)
  • Starter (20k words monthly)- 29$/month
  • Boss (50k words monthly)- 59$/month


2. Copy.AI


Copy AI is a fast and convenient copywriting software that supports 20 languages ​​and offers various writing formats and voices. Create multiple versions of your copy based on just a few words or lines of input. And the output is very natural and human. Over 130 tools and templates to help you create blog posts, social media posts, emails, case studies, website copy, product descriptions, and advertisements. 


Plus, it offers collaboration, high processing speed, and Chrome extensions for added convenience. It also can control the tone and speaking style of the copy you create, so it sounds like you wrote it yourself. 


You can even start with a free trial to see how it can help you turn a blank document into a finished project. Tired of using the same copywriting formulas that seem utterly useless. With CopyAI, you finally have the tools to create great content for all marketing obstacles.


Key Features:

CopyAI offers great features with a low monthly pricing plan


  • 70+ tools to create content from
  • Unlimited runs
  • 24/7 email support
  • Change the tone of the writing
  • Create converting product descriptions

Pricing Plans

  • 7-day trial- 0$
  • Solo plan- 49$/month & 420$/year
  • Custom- Depends on the features you select



3. CopySmith AI


CopySmith is a powerful copywriting tool that offers brainstorming tools, collaboration features, multilingual rewrites, natural text generation, and supports various content types. It also features a Chrome extension, in-app chat support, and custom templates that make creating human-like content in 60 languages easy. 


With the tool’s campaign builder, you can create a complete campaign in just a few clicks. Plus, it helps you write SEO copywriting for various industries in different voices and tones. It also has templates for pitching your brand online. Overall, it’s perfect for agencies, businesses, and e-commerce websites.


CopySmith AI is ideal for businesses that need high-quality content in a short time without spending hours creating their materials from scratch. Provide engaging text your customers will enjoy reading while saving your business time and money.



CopySmith AI Best Features


CopySmith AI, like Jasper.AI, comes with different templates to use when creating content. 

Offers tools that integrate with Shopify and advanced features for SEO. 


  •  Blog 
  •  Advertising 
  •  Brainstorming 
  •  Branding 
  •  More Basic and Advanced Features 


Copysmith AI is one of the few softwares with ad copy templates in Amazon Product Ads, Google text ads, Facebook Ads, and more.


Pricing Plans

  • Starter- $19/month
  • Professional- $59/month
  • Teams- $118/month
  • Enterprise- Custom Pricing


Use Copysmith to create high-converting ad copy and blog posts. You can even rewrite and improve your content with just a few clicks.


4. Outranking IO


Outranking is a modern AI writing tool that provides a simple step-by-step process for creating natural language in 13 major languages. Effective in generating various types of SEO content thanks to its unique Google PAA (People Also Ask) and SERP analysis techniques. 


With this tool, you can save time on manual SEO tasks while juggling multiple devices. It’s just a tool that handles everything. It’s also fully integrated with Google Docs, SEMRush, and WordPress to provide the best user experience with minimal effort.


This is great for SEO managers and content writers who want to create high-quality articles with little effort quickly. 


Perfect for software marketers, business opportunity marketers, affiliate marketers, and more. It also ensures that articles are grammatically correct and error-free when you posted online.


Key Features:

  • Make high-quality SEO content
  • Create content using GPT-3 AI
  • Perfect space for SEO managers & Content writers
  • SEO scoring and rewriting
  • Content improver
  • Create ad copy
  • Research, Optimize and write your Content for Higher Organic Traffic


Pricing Plans

  • Solo – $99 per month
  • Pro – $189 per month
  • Company – $279 per month


5. ClosersCopy


ClosersCopy is AI copywriting software that helps you create more compelling sales copy. Trained in actual sales, it knows what drives people to buy. ClosersCopy features a long-form editor that finds text weaknesses and recommends improvements, a wizard that guides you step-by-step through content creation, and two different languages ​​to maximize your reach.


All you have to do is write your intro and outro text and select the product or service you want sales copy for, and it can be created immediately. With a wide variety of phrases available, you can create an effective sales letter in no time.

This AI copywriter tool allows you to use your best copywriting skills and your creativity to create quality copy for any project. You can also choose a template based on your writing style and needs. The app also provides a keyword density tool and multilingual SalesAI to help you sell internationally with just one click!


Key Features:

  • AI Copywriting tool that is based on successful marketing campaigns
  • Long-form editor that can write blog posts, sales pages, and more without any restriction
  • Plug & play marketing frameworks
  • Keyword density software
  • Their wizard can hand-curate templates based on your copy
  • Team collaborations
  • Multilingual salesAI


Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $29.99 per month
  • Professional: $49.99 per month
  • Unlimited: $79 per month



6. WriteSonic


Writesonic is a cutting-edge AI writing tool dedicated to natural writing for advertising and long-term SEO content. And all within seconds, supporting 25 languages, various templates, and built-in chat for customer support, the tool focuses on providing the best user experience. 


This tool includes paraphrases, extensions, and shorteners, making it perfect for copywriters. In addition, you can generate catchily, search-engine-optimized titles and descriptions on your e-commerce website. 


The software is user-friendly and has a clean and modern interface. Create content in minutes without leaving your web browser or fumbling with complex coding and design tools.


Key Features

  • Create website copy from landing pages to SEO headlines
  • Grammar fixer & readability checker
  • YouTube video copy & press releases
  • Digital ads copy
  • AI article writer
  • Sales frameworks


Pricing Plan

  • Starter: $29 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month
  • Business: $499 per month


WriteSonic is available in four different packages (including the free trial), with prices starting at $29/month.


7. Content Villian

Content Villain is an advanced text based AI technology that delivers the best results. With short-form or long-form content and his webhook capabilities, the content villain becomes your partner in creating a better copy. 


Content Villain provides tutorials and support to help you get started and create better copy. This AI software is perfect for anyone who wants to make blog posts, product descriptions, email your campaigns, and more.


With the Webhooks feature, Content Villain allows you to create not only blog posts but also landing pages and entire websites in minutes instead of days or weeks.


Content Villian Best Key Features:


  • Rephrase text in multiple ways
  • The content uses an specially trained NLP model
  • Change the tone of text when is writing
  • API and integrations
  • Email finder, that can bring you more leads to your business


It integrates with content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc., so you can upload your copy directly into your system, saving you time.


Pricing Plan


  • Test Drive: $5 for five days
  • Warrior: $49 per month
  • Power User: $79 per month


What Is The Future Of AI Copywriting?


AI copywriting software is arguably the next big thing in marketing content creation. We’ve seen rapid growth in applications in marketing campaigns, helping content creators meet the growing demand for high-quality content. Additionally, AI writing tools can be expected to improve accuracy, empathy, and versatility. 


But now, let’s talk to the elephant in the room! “Will AI copywriters replace human writers in the future?” 

AI writing tools need more tact, wit, and innovative thinking, so shortly, There is a possibility, but not for now. We also continue to rely on human guidance and editing to ensure our content is natural, error-free, and engaging. 


Also, unedited AI content may need to rank better in Google searches. So, AI Copywriter is intelligent software that helps you write quickly and seamlessly. But they won’t take over your job anytime soon!


Is AI Copying Software Legal? 


Yes, AI copies are legal if you don’t rely entirely on them. AI copy, also known as machine learning or automatic content generation, is writing that relies on AI to create the actual language used in posts. 


This means that instead of having a human author compose all the text on the page, they use software to compose based on what you tell them.



Based on this analysis, AI copywriters can provide strong support to writers and take on additional responsibilities. Plus, they save a lot of time and are affordable for your business, making them a great option for growing. 


AI tools are most likely to become a part of everyday life for most copywriters. In fact, given the popularity of tools like Grammarly, we already have it!


The AI ​​copywriting software tools we tested are not yet capable of producing out-of-the-box content, or content of value comparable to copy written by skilled human authors, but we believe that copywriters can make better writing. It provides some very useful features to help you write, and much more efficient!


I hope this guide helped you to make the best decision for yourself and select the best tool for your needs.